Dear Bride to be .....

"Imagine If This Happened On YOUR Wedding Day!

On A Beautiful Late Spring Afternoon, Two Years Ago, Two Young Women Wed At The Same Church"

They were very much alike, these two young woman. Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both - as young brides were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these woman returned to the church where they wed, for their two year anniversary.

They were very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had recently had a baby girl. And both, it turned out, had gone to work for the same law firm after graduation, and were still there.

But there was a difference. One of the women had fantastic memories of her wedding. The other had regrets and was continuing to pay for them.

"What Made The Difference?"

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people's weddings? It isn't a native intelligience or talent or dedication. It isn't that one person wants a perfect wedding more than another.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

And that is why I am writing to you and to people like you about The Perfect Wedding Planning Guide. For this is the whole purpose of The Guide: To give its readers knowledge - knowledge that they can use to create their perfect wedding.

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You See. The Perfect Wedding Planning Guide is a unique publication. It's the internet's number one wedding resource. Each day, brides from around the world use it to ensure they have the day they dreamt of as a little girl.

Each day, brides look to The Guide for its broad range of information of interest and significance to brides to be. Not just wedding dresses and rings, but anything and everything in the whole, complex world of wedding planning .... The Guide gives you all the knowledge you need - when you need it.

"Knowledge Is Power"

Right now, I am reading page The Perfect Wedding Planning Guide. It combines all the important advice with in depth features on money saving tips. Each part of wedding planning is covered, from how to stay on track and debt free, deciding on a wedding theme, choosing the reception site, decorating your ceremony and reception venues, choosing wedding attire and lots more.

And there is page after page inside The Guide, filled with fascinating and significant information that's useful to you. Chapters on deciding on a wedding theme, which date to choose, calculating your budget, and making the right catering and beverage choices all help you to becomes a smarter bride, better organiser and happier person. There are sections on how to spend less on your wedding cake, unique ideas for wedding favors, arranging flowers for your wedding, picking a photographer and videographer and mistakes to avoid on your wedding day. If you have never read The Perfect Wedding Planning Guide, you can not imagine how useful it can be to you.

Much of the information thate appears in The Perfect Wedding Planning Guide, appears nowhere else. The Guide is immediately availabe to you.


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WARNING: Here are the Three Biggest Myths about Wedding Planning that will NEVER get YOU the result you want - "The Wedding of Your Dreams Without a Penny of Debt":

Myth # 1: You should use wedding vendors recommended to you by your ceremony and reception venues or preferred by your wedding planner as they already have a great working relationship with them and are familiar with their work.

Reality: Don't for one minute think that the venue, other vendors or your wedding planner are doing you a favor. They will be pocketing kickbacks for their referrals - no wonder they are so eager for you to use their recommendations for caterers, entertainers, photographers and florists. You are much better off researching and sourcing out your own wedding vendors so that you can benefit from discounts they offer. I will show you how you can pocket those discounted dollars and pounds yourself rather than passing them onto your wedding venue or wedding planner!

Myth # 2: You must tell wedding vendors that it is a wedding you are planning at the time of booking wedding services and supplies.

Reality: This is biggest myth around! As soon as you attach the word "Wedding" to an event vendor's eyes fill with dollar signs and their prices suddenly triple. There is absolutely no need to mention the "W" word to your wedding vendors. For example, when researching caterers, as far as they are concerned you are asking them for a quotation for their costs for serving a 3 course meal to a party of 100 guests on a certain date. Whether it's a Bar Mitzvah, a family reunion or a wedding reception it should make no difference at all to the price they quote you - the service they will provide you with will be the same. Your jaw will drop as I share the secrets to turning the tables on the wedding industry when planning your wedding!

Myth # 3: Wedding planners will save you so much time, money and effort.

Reality: There is no denying that wedding planners are skilled negotiators who can get you great deals but you can achieve the same thing yourself. Agreed, wedding planners have experience, but at the end of the day they are concerned with keeping their own bank balance healthy not yours! Fortunately though, with my insider information, you will soon be beating them at their own game by instantly becoming a creative negotiator, a diplomatic problem-solver and an imaginative genius without having to sacrifice months of your own precious time to wedding planning.

You will learn::

How to get hugely reduced prices - discover how I saved over $10,000 on my own wedding with key insider information.

The easy way to cut 70% off your wedding cake cost without sacrificing quality, quantity or yumminess!

An amazing way to save 50%-80% of your entire wedding expense to have the exact same wedding. And it doesn't matter whether your wedding budget is $5,000 or $50,000

How to wipe the "Rip me off!" label wedding vendor's see printed across your forehead and then obliterate the smile from those same vendor's faces!

How you also can slash 70% off alcohol costs, 50% off flowers and 80% off your transportation costs!

The "5 insider rules" which will help you to avoid 99% of wedding industry scams. These are very easy to follow, simple to implement and will work on ANY wedding vendor. Even if you get overcharged, you WILL get your money back, Guaranteed!

Discover the insider's exclusive secrets wedding planners and industry insiders deliberately don't tell you!

Learn how you too can pay off all of our wedding debts BEFORE you walk up the aisle!

Discover the secrets which helped to cut my wedding budget in half!

Read practical words of wisdom from real brides sharing their invaluable tips and advice on how they successfully planned their own debt-free weddings

"Must Ask" questions for wedding vendors

Where to find hugely REDUCED prices on your wedding favors and decorations

Simple tricks to slash 70% off your photography and videography costs

How you can glide down the aisle radiating in compliments and inwardly smiling as you think how much money you have saved on your wedding!

How to spend less for your Catering and Beverages without compromising on quality or quantity!

DISCOVER the tricks used by caterers to squeeze most money from you

Learn how one simple phone call could slash your wedding costs by hundreds of dollars

How to OUTSMART your wedding venue manager and get exactly what you want at the price you can afford

Little-known tricks wedding planners use to help you choose the perfect theme for your wedding

LEARN eye-opening SECRETS about how to rent a first-class reception venue for a bargain basement price

I will spill the secrets on how to get the absolutely cheapest price possible for accessories including your veil, wedding shoes and tiara

How to AVOID the pitfalls which will cost you money when booking entertainment for your wedding

So, if you too want to splurge on luxuries for your wedding and still have money left in the pot read on ....

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These brides are just ordinary people like YOU and me. They all have wedding planning success stories to tell of how they conquered the wedding industry scams and escaped wedding debt - it's thrilling for me to see!

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Gill Cook, Manchester, UK

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"We thought it was going to be impossible to plan our wedding without incurring huge debts but thanks to Emily Wilson and her practical ideas we had a perfect wedding and are starting married life debt-free. You're book was the best investment we've ever made!"

Kellie, Chicago IL

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Miles and Melissa, Los Angeles, CA

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"What Can You Expect From
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Just this..."

How to judge the real quality of a diamond in 4 easy steps! (page 23)

How to negotiate with wedding vendors for the best prices! (page 78)

INSIDER TIPS on how to choose the most cost-effective date and time for your wedding! (page 42)

5 steps to get you on the right track with your wedding planning (page 76)

Cut your catering costs in half without sacrificing the quality of food you serve your wedding guests (page 112)

21 creative ways to dress yourself, your groom and your wedding party for less! (page 148-155)

5 powerful tips that will save you time and stress when choosing your wedding dress (page 131)

9 creative ways to serve your wedding guests BETTER FOOD for HALF the PRICE! (page 109-114)

The easy way to get 50% off your wedding stationery costs! (page 158)

Vital tips on choosing the perfect engagement and wedding rings (pages 21 - 27)

17 Budget-Slashing Tips for your ding decoration costs! (page 107)

DISCOVER how to set up a wedding website for free AND save money yourself on wedding stationery, phone calls and postage (pages 64 and 158)

Uncover The 5 Rules which will prevent you falling for wedding industry scams (page 91)

Key insider SECRETS on how to get fabulous wedding photos (page 187)

Discover the time of year and day of the week which you should NEVER pick for your wedding (page 42)

Sure-fire ways to avoid getting gifts that you don't want (page 210)

12 specific questions You Must Ask your florist BEFORE you sign their contract or pay them a deposit! (page 162)

Step-by-step instructions on how to create amazing post-wedding keepsakes for free (page 270-272)

Low cost alternative entertainment ideas which are sure to keep your guests up dancing all night! (page 206)

Top 10 gripes, gaffes and mistakes you should avoid on your wedding day (page 238)

Where to find inexpensive, unique and beautiful wedding favors that will make your wedding unforgettable! (page 174-185)

11 simple but powerful negotiating tactics that could easily save you hundreds of dollars! (page 76)

Unique transportation ideas which could Shave 10-15% Off The Cost of Your Wedding (page 200)

Where to find the best deals for your wedding night and honeymoon! (page 247-249)

" ... And You'll Also Learn ..."

How to wake up on the morning of your wedding with the knowledge that it is all paid for without you going one cent into debt! (page 61)

14 ways to save on decorating costs! (page 107)

How I trimmed $500 OFF of the cost of my wedding flowers (page 165)

As you can see, the complete "The Perfect Wedding Guide" course is chock-a-block with ideas and inspiration on how to create a stylish and chic wedding whilst still saving money on it And a whole lot more!

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"I'm so grateful for your eBook - thanks Emily! Not only have I already saved myself the cost of this book, I've saved enough on our wedding catering, decorations and photography to pay for our entire honeymoon. Without doubt this book was a fabulous investment."

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"For someone who knew nothing about wedding planning I have just pulled off the most amazing wedding, which received glowing reviews from all our friends and family! It's all thanks to you and your awesome eBook! For every problem I came across during my wedding planning your eBook gave me a solution - you thought of everything Emily! I am definitely recommending your book to everyone I know!"

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Who wouldn't want to share these brides' experiences of walking down the aisle without a penny of debt attached to their flawless wedding ...

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... without the frustration of wasting loads of your hard earned cash on wedding planners and vendors with their own agendas and books which spout the same old recycled drive!

Inside this magnificent course you'll get pages and pages of well-written practical tips for getting more out of your wedding budget, money-saving ideas and solutions for every wedding planning situation you will come across - absolutely everything any bride-to-be would need to know!

The course is divided up into 6 comprehensive sections that you can read:

Chapter 1. You're Engaged

Chapter 2. Initial Decisions

Chapter 3. Let's Get Planning

Chapter 4. Considerations On The Day

Chapter 5. Honeymoon

Chapter 6. Post-Wedding Considerations

Chapter by chapter, the book will guide you through each major step of your wedding planning including:

How to stay on track and debt free

Announcing your engagement

How to choose an engagement ring

Deciding on a wedding theme

Which date to choose

Calculating your budget

Setting up a wedding website

Choosing the reception site

Making catering and beverage choices

How to spend less on your wedding cake

How to select your stationery

Choosing wedding attire

Unique ideas for wedding favors

Arranging flowers for your wedding

Decorating your ceremony and reception venues

Picking a photographer and videographer

Organizing transportation

Choosing music and entertainment

Setting up a gift list

Gaffes to avoid on your wedding day

How to bag a bargain honeymoon

Things to be done after your wedding


It's truly a fantastic resource that will transform planning your wedding. Inside it I share with you my experiences, my mistakes and hundreds of wedding planning tips - all of which are easy to understand and apply.

". . . NO fluff . . . NO filler. . . "

So why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge I've extracted into this simple book?

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Some people buy countless books, magazines and planners that literally cost hundreds of dollars, pounds and euros! Other people hire the services of professional wedding planners that cost almost the same in the end.

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What price tag would YOU put on something with the opportunity to show you the steps to organize your wedding saving you time, money and considerable stress?

Let's do a quick comparison -you could buy a couple of wedding planning books for a price ranging between $7 up to $50 which will most likely sit on your shelf gathering dust. Or you could do what most people do - just dive into your wedding planning and "make it up as you go".

But you will agree that using a "trial and error" method is not very sensible when the success of your wedding day is at stake never mind your bank balance!

Personally, I've been there and done that so believe me when I say I have figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain……

"Okay - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?"

I settled on a digital eBook as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information (for you and me).

What does this mean for you?

Well I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don't have to set up a call centre to take telephone orders, though if you want to say hi, or check I'm a real woman or just to have a chat about your wedding planning I'm more than happy to hear from you on +44 (0)1382 541952.

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Remember even if you have already started planning your wedding this resource can still help YOU keep your costs down but your wedding dreams fulfilled and ensure you stay on track and debt free with its:

"Must Ask" questions for wedding vendors

Creative Money-Saving Tips

"Top Tips" for dealing with wedding vendors and suppliers

Practical words of wisdom from real brides; and

General wedding planning advice so you don't overlook anything in your planning.

"Great News!"

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"Wedding Budget Manager"

What better way to ensure your wedding day stays debt free than to keep track of your wedding spending using this handy and simple to use Wedding Budget Manager.

The Budget Manager lists each wedding expense in categories and has separate columns next to each of them so you are able to see at a glance exact amounts that are being spent toward every category (including your catering, flowers and decorations, photography, wedding cake, music/entertainment, stationery, honeymoon and many more).

Using it will eliminate the worry of your wedding spending getting out of control as it calculates how much money is remaining in your wedding budget for you to spend. This essential spreadsheet will help you to keep track of your wedding expenses so you will always be on top of where and how much is being spent.


"Countdown Checklist"

The Wedding Countdown Checklist is an easy-to-use chronologically-ordered "To-Do" list for couples planning their wedding.

It guides you through the entire wedding planning process from start to finish allowing you to view each wedding planning category on an item-by-item basis along with suggested timelines. By using the Checklist you can effortlessly ensure that nothing is overlooked in your wedding planning and that you don't miss important deadlines in the run up to your wedding day.


"20 Point Guide To Organizing A Destination Wedding On A Budget"

A destination wedding can offer you a better climate, affordable prices and something different but how do you go about organizing one? This 20 Point Guide To Organizing A Destination Wedding On A Budget provides you with unique ideas, money-saving tips and useful information if you are contemplating hosting your own destination wedding.

The time saving destination wedding guide also contains top tips to assist you with locating and contacting destination wedding venues, photographers, florists, bakeries and more.

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Jade and Marcus, Manchester UK

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Sam, Melbourne VIC

"Thanks For The eBook, We Loved It"

"Thanks for the ebook, we loved it - you helped make Todd and Melanie's wedding day (and wedding planning experience) really special."

The McAllisters, Baltimore MD

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"This book made planning our wedding so simple and so cost-effective it makes me feel like getting married again!!"

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"We tried to keep our wedding as "green" as possible so we totally loved your eco-friendly ideas and tips in your eBook, particularly your suggestions for gifts, favors and recycling after the wedding. Thanks to you our wedding was perfect! Not only did we save money on our wedding planning but we also managed to feel good about ourselves!"

Martha and Andy, Berlin Germany

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You on your wedding day in your stunning dress (bought for a fraction of its retail price!) with an ecstatic groom by your side, happy relaxed guests enjoying themselves and a healthy bank balance waiting for you on your return from your luxurious honeymoon - everything is just picture perfect right? You can make this your wedding reality today - you are just one click away from accomplishing this…..

This sensational book "The Perfect Wedding Guide" is available to you as a downloadable manual (or eBook) directly accessible from the internet IMMEDIATELY. You can read it right from your screen or print the whole thing out IMMEDIATELY after purchase!

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Don't worry about downloading - everything is a snap and it works for both PC and MAC users. The course is published in Adobe PDF format. Full download instructions are also given. Don't worry, downloading the information is really easy (I'm no "techno whiz" and I had no problem!) Both the ebook and the bonuses are made available for you to download immediately after you make your purchase, so there are NO shipping charges, and you can start using them in less than 2 minutes from now!

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The Perfect Wedding Guide in PDF format

BONUS #1: FREE "Wedding Budget Manager"

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Emily Wilson

Have a look and see if this is something you would be interested in. This book contains years of experience of wedding planning and I have put the exact details into a manual so you can follow it step by step......This will save you years of learning, time, effort and money wasted on recruiting a wedding planner.

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I promise you, you'll notice dramatic results almost immediately. The Perfect Wedding Guide is an essential tool to start you off on the road to planning and saving on your dream wedding. This book does all it promises and more. You won't find anything quite like it at the price, anywhere. The demand for wedding planning advice is huge-so I urge you to grasp this opportunity now and take advantage of an offer that may not come again.

About those two women I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. They graduated from college together and married at the same church two years ago. So what made their weddings so different?

Knowledge, Useful knowledge. And its application.

I wish you every success with your wedding planning.

Emily Wilson

P.S. Listen, I know that if you were to start planning your wedding you would produce results off your own efforts, but I bet my life you'd make small achievements. You would probably make a number of mistakes, get frustrated and may even give up. Thus let me help plan you a perfect debt-free wedding without the hassle, stress and arguements couples have in the build up to their perfect day!

P.P.S. I am really flattered by the amazing response I have had to my book but I have to admit I am also a bit freaked out - this is out of hand, over 147 people bought my book last month. I had no idea when I shared this book with the bride-to-be's that it would be this popular. I am not an expert I am just a normal girl from Guildford.

P.P.P.S. I've received over 231 comments left on my blog and I have read every one of them. I just want you to know I really appreciate your feedback.

P.P.P.P.S. I realize that my book may not be suitable for everyone (are there any brides out there who don't want to save time and money with their wedding planning?) so just remember that the eBook and bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of my ironclad money back guarantee.


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The Perfect Wedding Guide

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