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Will Your Wedding Insurance Cover You If You Cancel Before The Event?
Date: January 25, 2007 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Attire & Budgeting & Catering & Church Weddings & Civil Weddings & Dresses & Flower & Decorations & Insurance & Photography & Planning & Shoes & Transportation & Videography

If you have to unexpectedly curtail or cancel your wedding you definitely want to be safe in the knowledge that your wedding insurance will cover you.

For instance it is very important that you are covered if any of the wedding party suffer death, injury, or illness. Critically though your policy often won’t cover pre-existing conditions. Additionally any terminal prognosis for a condition made before you take out the insurance will not be covered.

Equally you should carefully read the conditions on pregnancy as you will only be able to make a successful claim if the birth is expected more than 3 months after your wedding day.

Also don’t expect to be covered if you break your leg while rock climbing a few weeks before the wedding. This is termed as dangerous activity and if you consider any of your hobbies and sports fall into this category it is worth specifically asking your insurance company for clarification.

Obviously if you are aware of any circumstances likely to result in a cancellation before you took the policy out, you are not covered. In addition if either the bride or groom decide not to get married due to their own reasons, they are not covered.

Imagine anyone of the following circumstances happening, resulting in you seriously needing to consider cancelling your wedding. Check your insurance policy cover today to ensure you are covered in the event of a cancellation?

♥ Are you covered if as a member of the armed services you are unexpectedly posted overseas?

♥ Imagine that the premises where you are holding your ceremony becomes damaged, closed by the local authority or the owners go bankrupt. Are you covered for these unfortunate circumstances? In fact some policies cover you in the likelihood that the ceremony venue can no longer hold your wedding due to an outbreak of an infectious or contagious disease!

♥ Is any member of the wedding party likely to be doing jury service?

♥ Is your catering company financially stable? You certainly don’t want to be caught short because they have been closed down by a liquidation or bankruptcy days before your wedding. Check that your insurance will pay you for all irrecoverable expenses you incur. Additionally ensure that you are covered for the extra cost of alternative services to enable re-arrangement of your wedding to avoid an unavoidable cancellation of the whole wedding.

♥ How long before your actual wedding day are you covered for loss or damage to your wedding attire? Is it five working days or longer? Often the small print will say “where the purchase or hire of alternative attire is not possible”. This may be a gray area, and might be worth checking. Remember you won’t be covered if your attire was left in an unattended vehicle, it needs to be locked in an enclosed boot that is not accessible by removing a partition, shelf or breaking a window.

♥ Fortunately I haven’t heard of a wedding within my circle of friends where the registrar or vicar hasn’t turned up. This is almost unthinkable! Organising another date would be a nightmare but at least you would be little less stressed if your policy had paid up for this eventuality. Check this is the case with your policy.

♥ You can almost be forgiven for assuming you are covered for bad weather, but as always it is worth checking. Your policy should cover circumstances where the wedding or reception venue can not be used due to extreme weather damage. In addition you should also be covered for a situation where the majority of your guests can not reach the venue due to the weather.

♥ I always advise taking out wedding insurance as soon as you can. If a year before your wedding the bride, bridegroom or any parent making a proven significant financial contribution finds them self unexpectedly unemployed you at least want to have the opportunity to rearrange the date if lack of income is going to seriously affect your wedding budget. Remember though to check the “exclusions” as employment is usually needs to be continuous and full time for at least 12 months.

If you find yourself claiming for any of the above it is important to ensure your insurance company will pay up to the amount in your chosen schedule for all irrecoverable expenses you have incurred for the following:

* reception catering services
* wedding night accommodation
* transport to and from the wedding/reception
* wedding flowers
* photographs
* dress hire that have been booked but not used.

Note: There will also be cost where things go wrong and you unexpectedly and unavoidably you have to pay extra for alternative services, thus preventing the complete cancellation of the wedding. It is worth checking what percentage of the original services you will be insured for.

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