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Wedding Fridge Magnets – What A Great Way To Save The Date!
Date: June 26, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Funny & Guests & Invitations & Announcements & Unique Ideas

What better way to let your guests know the date of your wedding than a personalized save the date fridge magnet! Save the date cards are quite a new concept in the UK although they have been a trend in the USA for a long time. They are a fun and unique way of announcing your wedding date to your guests in advance of sending them out a formal invitation, so that they can be sure to keep the date free. You can choose fridge magnets to send to your wedding guests as engagement announcements and save the date reminders. All of your family and friends will enjoy receiving such a useful and stylish wedding date announcement.

Here are some of the advantages of sending a save the date fridge magnet to your wedding guests:

♥ As mentioned above, these are quite a new concept in the UK so your guests will be very excited to receive this novel wedding date notification.

♥ Unlike traditional paper wedding date announcements, fridge magnets will never get thrown out! The recipients will undoubtedly find them useful - your unique fridge magnet will be sure to get pride of place on their refrigerators, filing cabinets and desktops as a reminder of your fantastic news.

♥ Traditionally save the date fridge magnets are sent out between 3 to 6 months prior to your wedding date but you could send them out as early as 12 months before the wedding date. This is particularly relevant if you are planning a destination wedding where accommodation and flights might need to be booked well in advance.

♥ Save the date cards are a particularly good idea if your wedding date falls during the summer months when your guests might be planning their vacations or during a public holiday, such as Easter or Christmas, and for out-of-town and overseas guests who will need to make travel arrangements in advance for your wedding. Out-of-town and overseas guests might even want to plan their vacations around your wedding, so the earlier you can let them know your wedding date the better. This will help to ensure that your guests can get the best deals on flights and other travel and accommodation arrangements they have to make.

♥ If you need to let your guests know about your wedding well in advance yet do not want to rush your decision when choosing your wedding stationary, then why not send out save the date fridge magnets. Once you have sent them off to your guests you can relax and enjoy the rest of your wedding planning, safe in the knowledge that your guests are all aware of that special date which they must keep free!

♥ I think the main advantage of sending out save the date fridge magnets is that you get to enjoy designing a unique fridge magnet – this might be one of the most fun parts of your wedding planning! If the theme for your wedding is going to be quite elegant and thus your wedding invitations are likely to be sophisticated then this is where you can show your guests you and your partner’s fun personalities - choose a wacky fridge magnet design which get your guests talking!

♥ The advantage of a fridge magnet over a save the date card is that they are durable, long-lasting and it is highly likely they will be displayed in one of the most prominent parts of your guest’s home – their fridge! They are very unlikely to forget your wedding date when they are visiting their fridge at least a couple of times a day!

Top tips for choosing your fridge magnet

♥ There is no need for your save the date fridge magnet to match the wedding invitations which you intend to send at a later date. This is your chance to have some fun. Choose a design which offers a true reflection of you and your partner’s personalities, your relationship and your style

♥ Let your imagination go wild – save the date announcements are not meant to be formal! Having fun is very important at this early stage of your wedding planning!

♥ You should definitely consider adding a photograph of you and your fiancé as this really adds a personal touch.

♥ However, this is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding so perhaps you would prefer to stick with the theme and style of your wedding whilst still selecting a creative and unique fridge magnet. You may want to choose fridge magnets which exactly match your wedding invitations.

♥ Some fridge magnet design companies give you the option to print anything you like on your fridge magnet (within reason!).

♥ There are so many creative and unique designs out there to choose from. There are new trends in save the date fridge magnets emerging every day as they become more popular worldwide. I have highlighted below some websites which have a great selection and which seem to accommodate most individual tastes ranging from the beautifully elegant to the totally wacky! Have a look around the various websites to see which magnet design suits your personal taste.

♥ It really is simple - just choose a size or style, a design or image and decide if you want to add any personal text.

Choose a shape and size

♥ The norm for fridge magnets is to choose a rectangular one.
♥ Also available are square and oval fridge magnets
♥ Slightly more expensive (but they do look great) are heart shaped magnets
♥ You can choose from various sizes ranging from 3" x 2" up to 7 1/2" x 8 3/4"
♥ The fridge magnets are available in both horizontal and vertical layouts

Choose a style and image

♥ Do you want your fridge magnet to be highly personalized or simply to bear your name and wedding date? If you prefer you can choose from a stock catalog of images ranging from sunsets to seasonal images such as snowflakes or falling leaves to animals such as dolphins.

♥ If you are not feeling very creative you can select a pre-designed fridge magnet from one of the wedding categories on the fridge magnet websites. They will create a colorful fridge magnet for you and add your basic wording. You don’t have to add lots of embellishments to your fridge magnet – it is your choice!

♥ If you are feeling creative and choose to design your own fridge magnet you will find plenty of ideas and eye-catching designs at the websites I have listed below. There are many design options available. You can choose from a sophisticated design style of magnet to a fun magnet.

♥ You have the option with most of the fridge magnet companies to choose a black and white image, sepia or the full spectrum of colors. You should try to use bright, bold colors that will make an impact so that your wedding date will stay in the thoughts of even the most absentminded guests! Most websites provide you with a choice of background colors and patterns and lettering styles.

♥ If you have already chosen the color theme for your wedding then why not use this to guide you in your fridge magnet design. Include graphics or colors that make sense to the location and time of year your wedding will be set in. For example use shades of blue for an oceanside or beach wedding or choose yellow roses, white and yellow daisies and tulips in pastel colors for a spring wedding.

♥ If your wedding has a theme (e.g. beach wedding, medieval wedding, Las Vegas or other destination wedding) then why not reflect this in your choice of design for your fridge magnet. For example if you are having a beach wedding choose a fridge magnet design with palm trees, a tropical beach, seashells etc.

♥ The best way to personalize your fridge magnet is to use an image of your own. You can use many formats but jpeg, bmp, gif or pdf formats seem to be the most acceptable amongst the fridge magnet manufacturers. Note that if you are submitting your own artwork, please do follow the artwork specifications given on the fridge magnet website you decide to use so that delays in proofing time can be avoided.

♥ If you decide to go with the popular option of using your own photo then you can either choose a pre-designed layout for the photo and wording or have one tailor made to your requirements. There are lots of options with photos on fridge magnets and the great thing is that as your photo is unique, no one else will have designed a fridge magnet quite like yours!

♥ How about using your engagement photo to announce your wedding date?

♥ One of the hot trends at the moment is a strip photo like a photo booth. You and your fiancé can pull funny faces and hold up cards with writing on them. For example:

• We're getting married
• Save the date
• 20th April 2007
• Be there!

or simply

• Save
• The
• Date
• 20th April 2007

All you have to do is submit the sequence of photos to the fridge magnet company and they will take care of the rest. This is a popular choice so you will find most fridge magnet companies can provide this design.

♥ Alternatively you could have a photo taken of you and your fiancé holding up cards with numbers on them in each hand to signify the wedding date and have a title along the top of the magnet saying “Save the date”.

♥ Other photo options are:

• Using a photo of you both taken at the wedding venue
• Using photos of you both as children mocked up

♥ For something a bit different you could choose a glow in the dark fridge magnet.

♥ Photo calendar magnets are one of the most popular types of save the date fridge magnet. The magnet is designed to look like a mini calendar month with the date you have chosen for your wedding circled or decorated so that is stands out.

♥ What better way to ensure that people add your important date to their calendar than to send them an actual calendar! These fridge magnets have a 15 month calendar beneath a photo or image of your choice with tear-off calendar pages. You can choose for the months to run from January, April, July or October.


♥ The basic wording on a save the date fridge magnet should include:
o Your names (first names are fine unless some of the recipients do not know you very well)
o The date of your wedding
o The city or town where the wedding is due to take place (unless you have not yet finalized this)

♥ If you have set up a wedding website remember to include this address also so that guests can keep up-to-date with your wedding news.

♥ Because save-the-date cards magnets are a recent trend in the UK some guests may not have received one before and might misinterpret this as the actual wedding invitation. To avoid any confusion include wording on the fridge magnet along the lines of “Invitation to follow” or “Wedding invitation and details to follow” so that guests know that (a) they do not have to respond to the save-the-date magnet as they would a formal invitation and (b) they can expect more details in the future to assist them with arranging travel, accommodation, childcare arrangements and gift list details.

♥ Just as there are many design options for fridge magnets, so too are their innumerous options for narrative that you print on your magnet. You can have choose up to 6 lines of narrative to be printed on the horizontal magnets and up to 8 lines on the vertical magnets. If you would like to include a poem or some optional romantic sentiments but are lacking ideas have a look at this website which has some lovely choices of wording.

Other points to note

♥ Save the date fridge magnets range in cost from $0.50 each for very basic small ones. There is something for every budget, you just have to do a bit of research by looking at the websites I have listed below. My best advice to you is to shop around as some of the fridge magnet companies have special offers if you order certain amounts and some even offer free shipping.

♥ The smallest order is usually 20 fridge magnets but obviously the more magnets you order the cheaper each they are.

♥ Do make sure that you order them well in advance as they can take up to 5 business days to be produced and shipped.

♥ You can mail out the fridge magnets in exactly the same way you would a wedding invite, with a normal postage stamp – they are very thin and light. Most of the fridge magnet companies provide you with a card for you to slide the magnet onto and an envelope.

♥ Remember that you should only mail out your save the date fridge magnets to people who you definitely intend on inviting to your wedding – so make sure that your guest list is finalized before you start to send them out. Once you have asked your guests to keep the date free you cannot then un-invite them!

Fridge magnets are not just for announcing your wedding date. You can also choose fridge magnets as the perfect way to send your guests personalized thank you messages after your wedding or wedding shower invites.

Fridge Magnets as wedding favors or thank you cards

♥ A novel idea for a wedding favor is to give each guest (or each couple) a fridge magnet. If you prefer not to design it yourself then check out the beautiful collection at If you choose to personalize your fridge magnet and present it as a favor or thank you gift to your guests then this truly is a creative and unique way of thanking them for sharing your wedding day which will last forever. There are plenty of options for wording and designs to put on the fridge magnet:

♥ You could simply thank them for sharing your special day and include the date on it as a reminder (they’ll never forget your anniversary then!).

♥ You could have a photo of the two of you with a special message from you both to your guests.

♥ You could have a short love poem or some words which are meaningful to both you and your partner with an appropriate graphic.

♥ Why not include your new address on the fridge magnet – this will save you having to send out change of address cards when you get back from your honeymoon!

♥ If you prefer you could personalize each fridge magnet by having each guest’s name put on it. These could double up as place-cards for the tables during the wedding banquet.

♥ You could personalize the fridge magnets further by having specific magnets made for each of your bridal party (e.g. one for your bridesmaid with a special message of thanks, one for your best man etc).

♥ Alternatively you could have a photo of you both on your wedding day made into a fridge magnet and send them out to guests after your wedding in place of thank you cards. This would be a lovely reminder for your guests of your wedding day, as well as being useful. You could use an official wedding photo or a photo of you both looking more relaxed on your wedding day which might be more informal.

♥ You could also send these fridge magnets out to guests who were unable to attend your wedding but who you want to say thank you too (e.g. people who were too ill or too old to make the journey).

♥ Something a bit different from a normal photo fridge magnet as a thank you gift is the mini-word magnet. This consists of a large photo magnet personalized with your own choice of wording and it is attached to a magnetic sheet which holds 55 die cut mini words. These are a mixture of romantic and fun words which are easily pulled apart to create words, phrases and poems on your guest’s fridge door. They are available in vertical or horizontal forms and cost approximately $2.95 each when you order 100. They are available at

Car Door Magnets

♥ A novel new concept is the car door magnet. As the name suggests, they are magnets which you put on the car doors which bear the wording “Just Married” with your names or “Newlyweds”. They cost $29.50 for 2. These are bound to raise a few laughs on your wedding day as you drive off into the sunset!

Invite to bridal shower

♥ Rather than sending out a traditional bridal shower, bachelorette party or hen night invitation, how about sending a fridge magnet instead – what a unique idea! There are lots of fashionable and stylish designs for you to choose from this website.

Make your own fridge magnets

♥ If you are constrained by your tight wedding budget and cannot afford to splash out on designer fridge magnets then why not try making your own. With a little effort and for a very small cost you could have beautiful personalized fridge magnets.

♥ You can buy the peel-and-stick magnets in bulk at most office supply stores (approx $8.95 for 50 individual business card sized adhesive backed magnets) and then decorate your own stickers for the front by using your pc and printer in conjunction with your own photos or clipart. Here are the exact instructions of how to make your own peel-and-stick fridge magnets.

♥ I totally recommend which explains with easy-to-follow instructions on how to make fridge magnet wedding favors. Take a look – you have nothing to lose!

The fridge magnet websites I recommend are as follows:

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