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Video Tips To Help You Sign Up To Wedaholic's Weekly Wedding Tips
Date: June 14, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Site News

Each week you can receive a wedding planning tip simply by using the sign up form just below my photo. In addition you will also be sent a free report I wrote for anyone stuck for wedding dress ideas.

To date these tips have proved very popular, here are some of the testimonials I have received:

"Thank you so much for all your information! You've made planning my wedding so much easier, and everything I need is right here at my fingertips! You provide an amazing array of money and time saving tips that I've never seen anywhere else. You're a real lifeline! Thanks again for your time and dedication to something as wonderful as a wedding." - Kellie, Oregon

"Your tips have been very useful .... our wedding is in a couple of weeks and everything is organised." - Louise, UK

"I greatly appreciate all the time and devotion that you have put into these wedding planning tips. They have been a tremendous amount of help towards the planning and work of my upcoming wedding. ...Once again, thank you so so much for all of your help. And I know that if I need some more help or tips, I will surely be re-visiting your web site. Thanks again so much. Great appreciation" - Stephanie, Toronto

To start receiving your very own wedding tips just watch the short 1 minute video clip below:

Or alternatively follow these 6 Simple Steps:


Fill in your first name and email address and hit the button that says "Send My 1st Tip". Once you have done this you will be taken to the "Video Tips To Help You Sign Up To Wedaholic's Weekly Wedding Tips" page if you are not already on it.


Now check your email inbox for an email with a title like the one below:

Instead of "Elle" it will say your first name. If you don't see it within a few minutes (most of the time it takes less than a minute to arrive) please check your spam filters to see if it has been blocked out. If this is the case please ensure that the email address "elllebrown @" is entered as a safe address.


Next open up this email and look for the verifcation link under where it says "CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW:", I have pointed it out in the image below:

It is very important that you click on this link, if you don't you won't receive your free wedding tips and ebook.

The Wedaholic tips list is called double opt-in, which basically means you have to confirm twice that you would like to receive the tips. This prevents Spam and ensures only the brides that want the tips get them. This is in accordance with the 2004 Federal CAN-SPAM law.

Once you have clicked on the verifcation link you will receive confirmation in the form of a pop up window that displays the message you can see below:


Now check your email inbox again for an email with a title like the one shown below:

Click open this email to view your first wedding tip.


Now the easy bit - reading the first tip at your leisure! Here is a sneak preview of the first one you will receive:

At the top of each tip I have posted a link to some of my best wedding planning articles. I encourage you to click on these links each week and read them.


Finally check the first email tip for an attachment, this is your free wedding dress ideas ebook in pdf format. I have also included a link to it within the email.

Each week you will receive a wedding tip. Not all of them will be helpful but many brides have written to tell me how just one gem made all the difference on their big day - I hope this will also be case for you!

If you have any questions please email me at { at }

Good Luck


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Yau dis is sum good s*** init, now me can afford 2 marry me julie 4 only $7 , well cheap, thanks bluds, my tip to youngs is spend as little as pos init, dat makes it well cheap

Posted by: M-Dogg at October 27, 2006 10:30 AM

Wedding was this past weekend. Every tip helped and the wedding was better than what I had imagined. Thank to you for all the wonderful tips. I have recommended your site to others who will be gtting married soon.

Posted by: Esther at December 4, 2006 05:41 PM

Hi Emily! would just like to say thank you because indeed, all your tips have been very useful. even if we are miles and miles and miles apart, it seems that i have been talking to a friend day in and day out because of your tips and your site. huge help! thanks from both of us!

Posted by: Hazel and Elmer at May 7, 2007 04:20 PM

Hi Emily,

Your tips are amazing! I actually signed up to your tips because I want to be a wedding planner and I will definitely be passing them onto all of my clients (when i get some!)

Thank you so much

Holly, England

Posted by: Holly at May 9, 2007 08:55 PM
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