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Tips and Guidance On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle
Date: December 22, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Hair & Beauty

Wedding hairstyles range from simply elegant to elaborate and spectacular. Taking a look at magazine pictures or the galleries on wedding websites can either help or add to the confusion, with literally thousands to choose from.

How Do You Decide What's Right For You?

First and foremost, despite the allure of so many beautiful styles to choose from, your wedding day hairstyle should flatter your face and your wedding gown and veil so that years from now when you look at your pictures it is a lovely part of the whole, not something that stands out garishly and makes you cringe.

Ten years ago, the trend was toward elaborate, piled high up-dos that were stacked on top of the bride's head with a simple tiara framing the masses of elaborate curls. For many brides it was a lovely look that accentuated their fairy-tale gowns and suited delicate features. For others, it was a mistake that didn't work with dresses that were the wrong cut and style or faces whose features just didn't work with such a top-heavy style. The look fell apart rather than coming together, but many brides wanted it because everyone else had it. Don't make this mistake - go your own way instead of following whatever the current trend is!

What Is Your Personal Style?

We don't mean when you go to the office - obviously your wedding is a special occasion! Think about when you go out for a special event, or even when you attend someone else's wedding. Do you put your hair up with some whispies around your face, or do you prefer lots of ringlets swirling down your back? Whatever makes you feel special when you go out to celebrate with others is a good indication of what will make you feel special on your wedding day as well - you want to both look wonderful and feel comfortable!

Taking It One Step Further

Now that you have an idea of what you really like, simply take it one step further. If you like upswept hairstyles that frame your face and give you the look of sculpted cheekbones, add some flair with a touch of soft sparkle. This can be achieved with either a bit of glittery hairspray or a few strategically placed hairpins or clips that are jeweled or trimmed with pearls or other embellishments. Just keep in mind that these will need to work with the style of veil or tiara that you are wearing.

If your hair is short, you can dress it up with hair clips, combs or a jeweled or embroidered headband or tiara. The options are surprisingly diverse. And except for the absolute shortest styles, you can go romantically feminine by curling short hair into small ringlets all over your head or sophisticated and sleek by smoothing your hair back with product for a chic wet look. The key is to take a look you love and go a bit more dramatic so that it is you, only "more so" on your wedding day.

Don't Over-Prepare!

It's a mistake that's all too common - brides who second-guess their choice a week or two before the wedding, and in a panic get a haircut or color a week before the wedding. Don't do it! Your hair should look naturally beautiful on your wedding day, and there is nothing natural about a raw, new haircut or color that is too stark and too different on your wedding day. If you are going to consider a color change, make sure it is months in advance so that you have the opportunity to change back if you don't like it without damaging your hair. And a cut should be about three weeks old so that it looks soft, not new and stark.

Finally, wash your hair the night before your wedding, not the day of the wedding, and don't condition! Hair that is too clean and too conditioned will be so soft it won't hold in place, and the style will simply slip out too soon, leaving you with a droopy veil and limp locks half-way through your big day!

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