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Unique Planning Guide For Destination Weddings
Date: May 15, 2007 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Ceremonies & Destination Weddings & Planning & Reviews & Sponsored Reviews & Traditions & Customs & Unique Ideas & Venues

This is a sponsored review.

Have you just about given up on the inclement weather or lack of suitable wedding venues with stunning vistas in your hometown? Perhaps you are looking for a wedding venue where the sun is more likely to shine. Maybe your vision of your dream wedding involves you standing on a golden beach or atop a cliff overlooking the ocean.

If so, then you should take a look at This website is a fantastic resource for couples who are planning a destination beach wedding in the Caribbean. has everything you will need to plan your dream wedding in over 30 beach wedding destinations including:

Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cancun, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, Saba, St Barthelemy, St Eustatius, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Martin, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Destination Guide

The hardest part for couples planning their destination wedding will be choosing which country or island in the Caribbean suits them best. To help you in making this difficult decision provides you with a guide to each of the Caribbean destinations. This website is a free one-stop shop which will save you having to research all the different Caribbean destinations yourself. The time saving destination wedding guides provide you with country information, location maps, entry and marriage requirements, the lowdown on the unique and interesting wedding traditions and customs for each wedding destination and also wedding vendor directories to assist you with locating and contacting destination wedding planners, wedding venues, photographers, florists, bakeries and more.

The website is very easy to navigate with drop-down menus to enable you to effortlessly search for destinations, venues and vendors. It contains everything you need to know about getting married in each of the featured destinations.

Planning Tools and Wedding Website also offers registered users free useful planning tools including a wedding budget calculator, an email reminder service to keep track of important dates and wedding planning tasks. As well as this they also provide a free wedding website builder to all members. Personal wedding websites are a great way of keeping your family and friends up-to-date with your destination wedding plans.

Beach Wedding Guide Forum

Undoubtedly if you are planning your own destination wedding in a tropical Caribbean paradise you will have a few questions which need answering, particularly as you will be committing to spending a large sum of money on this event. I think that many couples will find the Beach Wedding Guide Forum useful. This is where other couples post comments about how their destination wedding plans are going, share wedding planning ideas and experiences and offer advice to each other. You are sure to find some unique ideas for your own destination wedding within the forum.

Photo Gallery

If you like to stay clued up on the finer details of celebrity beach weddings or if you just enjoy having a snoop at other newlywed’s wedding photos then also has a photo gallery section where other members have posted their own destination wedding photos and stories.

Wedding Articles

A further advantage of is that it also features useful articles with tips and advice on planning beach and destination weddings. There are invaluable cost-saving ideas to keep your wedding budget low and creative suggestions which are sure to give your beach wedding an individual theme. There is a vast archive of articles with categories including 2007 wedding trends for beach weddings, how to entertain children at your beach wedding and (what I think should be the essential read for most beach wedding brides-to-be) how to avoid having your coiffed hair turn frizzy in the humidity of your beach destination!

If you are in two minds as to whether a destination wedding would suit you then I thoroughly recommend that you check out It contains copious amounts of unique ideas, useful information and most importantly it is simple and free to sign up. In my opinion if you are contemplating hosting your wedding in an exotic location then is definitely worth a look.

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78 Free Wedding Tips And Book

As you plan your wedding you will receive advice from just about everyone. Friends and family have a million and one tips to pass on, in fact here at Wedaholic I have been offering tips galore. For example tips on wedding djs, getting guests to mingle, giving a great speech and tipping wedding suppliers to name just a few!

To give you a flavour of what to expect I have copied the types of wedding tips you will receive below:

Sample Tip 1 :

At the reception hall, fill baskets in the bathroom with miniature hand lotions, breath mints, hair sprays, and hair gels for emergency touch-ups. You may also want to put out a basket with a few inexpensive pairs of pantyhose and
some clear nail polish.

"Thanks for all the tips..and for making them genuinely "free".... the tips I found most helpful of your's were about etiquette ... it helps to remind brides of other people's feelings when they are getting caught up in their own! And that idea about giving framed pictures to the parents is one I will definately do! Blessings!" - Suzanne, US

Sample Tip 2 :

Don’t forget grandparents and other relatives who may feel “left out” during the preparations before the wedding. Take a camera along when you are shopping for your dress or looking at flowers.

Send pictures with a quick note that says, “Here’s me rubbing my feet after trying on shoes that were murder!” Or “Aunt Joan, the flowers were beautiful, but I wish you could have been there.”

"Just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful tips! I enjoy reading them every week!! I will use you're advice throughout the planning of my wedding and on the big day! Thanks again" - Dan

Sample Tip 3 :

For bridesmaids' dresses, consider separates, especially if you have attendants whose sizes and shapes vary widely. Skip the bridal stores and check out department stores for evening skirts and separate tops that are made of luxurious fabrics and trimmed with beading or embroidered details.

"Dear Emily your tips have been very helpful to me in planning for my wedding thank you for all of your help, looking forward to receiving other tips from you. Best Regards" - Cornelia, US Your Ideal Choice For Flower Girl Dresses
Date: January 25, 2007 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Dresses & Shopping & Sponsored Reviews

This is a sponsored review.

Wedding etiquette dictates that the parents buy their daughter’s flower girl dress. Thus whatever the budget you will want to buy a dress that is both elegant and fun!

One website that offers just such a collection of stunning dresses at affordable prices is Their wide range of exquisite designs are gorgeous and comfortable, meaning your little girl will feel like a princess on the day!

Using drop down menus in the left hand navigation bar you can select which colour of flower girl dress you prefer to look at. The options include blue, burgundy, gold, ivory, lilac, pink, red, sage and white. Each dress is affectionately given a girls name for quick reference and browsing, allowing you the opportunity to easily find a dress that will tie into the overall wedding theme.


There are many lovely classic dress designs including the "A-line" that looks luxurious and glamorous, in fact some dresses even have the "grown up" look of double-spaghetti straps. Equally there are beautiful fun dresses adorned with beads, sequins, & flowers. You can take your choice from the many different types of organza, satin and taffeta dresses.


Stylish bodice designs include matte satin, a sleeveless princess style, embroidered organza, coloured velvet, silk with polka dots, stretch velvet, two toned shantung, and v-neck.

Some of the bodices are adorned with hand sewn faux pearls offering an elegant look that can’t be achieved with zippers. Alternatively view the bodices that have rhinestones sprinkled throughout them to keep your princess smiling all day long!


Skirt styles include two layered tulle, printed and embroidered organza, taffeta and shantung. Lengths vary from short to ankle length, though there is no disputing the fact that you can’t beat the playfulness and splendid abundance of the full-length skirt. Many have a sash or dainty flowers that tie into a bow around the back.

Some of the skirts come with embroidered daisies & scalloped edges. Other designs are accented with satin butterflies and trimmed with satin ribbons.


These include detachable rose buds at the waist, removable pinned flowers, satin shawls, matching hair clips and sashes with floral and ribbon accents. The range also include baskets, gloves, socks, petticoats, capes, jackets, pillows, shoes, jewellery, and petals.

Flower Dress Measurements:

Sizes range from 9 months to 8 years old.
Chest sizes range from 20.5” to 28”.
Waist sizes range from 20.5” to 27”.
Length ranges (Shoulder to Hem) 16” to 35”.

I recommend you take a look at the gallery page to see photos from actual customers. This will help you visualise how the dress will look in real life.

It is also worth noting that sell pageant and communion dresses for girls and suits and tuxedos for boys.

Please let me know whether you purchase from PinkPrincess, I would love to display any wedding day pictures you take.

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Unique Planning Guide For Destination Weddings
Couples Use To Create Their Own Dream Honeymoon Registry
Designer Diamond Engagement Rings at
The Perfect Favor For Your Wine Loving Guests - The New Way For Advertisers To Get Their Products And Services Reviewed On

Couples Use To Create Their Own Dream Honeymoon Registry
Date: January 10, 2007 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Gifts & Honeymoon & Sponsored Reviews & Unique Ideas

This is a sponsored review.

With increasing numbers of couples marrying after they have already set up home together, the need for the traditional wedding gift list which includes items such as housewares and fine china for the newlyweds to furnish their home with, isn’t so nearly as prevalent as it has been in the past. In contrast online honeymoon registries are one of the most rapidly growing areas of the wedding registry market and are definitely the most popular choice for couples who want to register for alternative wedding gifts. For couples who already have everything they need to fill their marital homes, then what better gift to ask your guests to contribute towards than a luxurious honeymoon for the two of you! Weddings, no matter how well planned and picture perfect they are, leave newlyweds feeling exhausted so without doubt the best way to kick-start married life together is to have a dream honeymoon!

The Traveler's Joy Honeymoon Registry at is an excellent example of the way the honeymoon registry industry is evolving. It provides an online service that allows couples to create their own customized honeymoon registries. The Traveler’s Joy account can be used as an alternative to a traditional wedding registry or as a complement. Judging by the testimonials on their website it is easy to see why Traveler's Joy has become so successful and popular since its launch in 2004.

Traveler’s Joy offers a high level of personalized service, enabling couples to tap into an extensive proprietary advice on creating a registry and researching and planning travel. Staff can give advice ranging from the popular honeymoon destinations to the more adventurous and unique holiday spots. It is important to remember though that couples are not required to book their honeymoon through Traveler’s Joy - it is a registry service, not a travel agency. All couples have the flexibility to book travel arrangements through the agent or carrier of their choice.

Brandon Warner, president and co-founder of Traveler's Joy, says:

"Non-traditional registries are a great way for couples to really focus on the gifts they want. The Internet is providing modern solutions for an industry that hadn't really changed much in decades.”

In fact he goes on to say that wedding guests tend to give more generous gifts than they do on traditional wedding registries.

"Our members average about $2,400 in gifts per registry, which is a big chunk of the average honeymoon cost of around $3,500. A sizable portion of our members not only pay for their entire honeymoon, but are able to upgrade or extend it with the additional gifts from their registry."

Family and friends can easily and securely contribute money towards a couple’s honeymoon and any specific gifts, such as a romantic dinner for two or theatre tickets, that they have additionally requested.

There are no hidden fees, the fee structure states that couples pay a 7.5% commission on the total amount contributed by their wedding guests. This is deducted before the balance is then sent to the couple. This is a competitively low commission compared to other online services. It isn’t uncommon to find lower fees but typically this will mean the couple will have to book their travel with them. As always it is important to read the small print. Some services advertise themselves as “free” honeymoon registries, but usually for your guests to contribute via credit card they will need to sign up for a third party payment service incurring additional fees.

Setting up a Traveler’s Joy account:

Newlyweds only need a five minutes to set up their account. Following this they can easily create a great registry page like this example:

Using simple steps it is possible to quickly create a sophisticated design complete with gift descriptions, video, pictures, and travel plans. Ultimately each couple can completely customize their own registry to reflect their own style and interests.

Subsequently the couple will have their own easy to remember link to share with friends and family. It comes in this format:

Guests can be notified of the link by using a free email registry notice postcard service, or by mailing postcards, and letters.

Once guests receive notification, even the least tech-savvy ones, will be able to log in, buy a gift and contribute to the couple’s honeymoon account. The site uses industry standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that the guest’s sensitive data (credit card number, name, address, etc.) is transmitted securely - every time. In addition, Traveler’s Joy do not save credit card information once a gift transaction has been completed. The gift transaction itself is encrypted.

Each time a gift giver’s credit card is charged, the money is deposited into a special account at Wachovia Bank. This account is only used for member deposits and withdrawal requests.

At this stage an email detailing the gift will be automatically sent to both the gift giver and the couple. In addition, the online account information is immediately updated. There is also the option for the gift giver to request, for a small additional fee, a custom gift card to be sent directly to the couple or to themselves (to give to them at a later time).

Paying for your dream honeymoon:

When it comes time to pay for your honeymoon couples simply log into the "Your Account " page and click the "Redeem Gifts" link. From there, they can schedule a check to be sent to them. This service offers three check delivery options (USPS First Class, FedEx 2Day, and FedEx Overnight). Please note a fee applies for FedEx requests. To protect the couple checks are only issued in the name of the primary account holder. It takes 72 hours for funds from a gift transaction to be available for withdrawal.

Thanking your guests:

Traveler's Joy provides its members with the gift-givers' contact information in order to make the thank you card process as easy as possible. Within the Account Management page, you can easily click on the "Create Printable Thank You List" link and a custom window will pop up ready for printing.

Contact Details:

Traveler's Joy, Inc.
11 S Hampshire Court, Suite 200
Wilmington, DE 19807
Toll Free: 888-878-5569

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Designer Diamond Engagement Rings at
The Perfect Favor For Your Wine Loving Guests - The New Way For Advertisers To Get Their Products And Services Reviewed On

Designer Diamond Engagement Rings at
Date: November 28, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Engagement & Jewelry & Shopping & Sponsored Reviews & Unique Ideas

This is a sponsored review.

A diamond engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of ever lasting love, devotion and commitment between two people. According to 70% of brides receive a diamond engagement ring. As we have now entered prime proposal season I thought I would let you know about a fantastic online diamond retailer who create stunning engagement rings. create handcrafted stunning diamond engagement rings. Led by fifth-generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin, the team of highly skilled craftsmen at Whiteflash use the finest quality materials and together with their traditional manufacturing techniques they manage to design and create exquisitely unique diamond engagement rings. At your fingertips Whiteflash provide you with one of the vastest selections of diamonds I have ever seen on the internet including their exclusive 'A Cut Above' Hearts & Arrows Diamonds.

”The reward for consistent and masterful use of traditional hand tools throughout the creation process gives a clean, distinctive look and feel. This is the secret that sets us apart. That is why the appeal of each piece is unrivaled.”

Whiteflash’s website itself is very easy to navigate. It has 3 main categories to choose from, Diamonds, Diamond Jewelry and Custom Design. For the uneducated diamond lovers amongst us, the jewelry search dropdown menu on the homepage is a really quick and easy way of navigating around the website.

Unless you or your fiancé are diamond experts choosing an engagement ring can be confusing. Whilst most couples know how to choose between a solitaire diamond or a cluster of stones, when it comes to deciding on the cut, clarity and color of the diamond confusion will inevitably arise. Choosing an engagement ring need not be intimidating when you use’s easy to follow guide. They give you helpful advice and help you to understand the process. Whiteflash explain to you the 4 Cs which are the characteristics which determine the value, rarity and beauty of a diamond - Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. Unlike some online diamond retailers Whiteflash break the terminology down into easy to understand narrative. By the end of reading Whiteflash’s guide you should be well educated enough about diamonds to be able to make an informed decision about your choice of diamond engagement ring. Not only does the Whiteflash website contain easy to understand narrative but it also has explanatory video clips which you are free to watch - I think that these could be really helpful to novice diamond ring buyers.

Buying an engagement ring is a significant purchase and at they seem to respect that and provide you with a range of exquisite diamond rings to suit all budgets. You do not have to spend a fortune to get an elegant engagement ring. Whiteflash have many pricing and style options for you to choose from.

“An engagement ring from is the perfect symbol of pure and eternal love.”

When it comes to designing your own engagement ring on the Whiteflash website they take you through the process step by step allowing you to design every aspect of your own ring. You are encouraged to browse the many beautiful images and pictures of the beautiful diamonds and available settings before you make your final decision. I like the fact that when you hover above the picture it gives you a brief description about each diamond. In addition every Whiteflash diamond can ve viewed at 40 times its actual size, accompanied with detailed reports and further information. In fact there is more information on every diamond on the Whiteflash website than any local jeweller will be able to provide you with. The diagrams of the rings are very easy to understand and teach you the difference between the different shapes of diamonds and settings. It certainly taught me a few things - I did not know what the difference between a 4 prong or half bezel was until I looked at Whiteflash’s website!

When you click through from the engagement ring design page it brings up a table with the prices of each diamond suitable for your choice of stone, setting etc. One of the things I liked was the fact that you can tick the boxes alongside each diamond you like and it compares them for you. It compares all the aspects of each diamond including measurements, clarity, cost and symmetry.

The custom design section of Whiteflash’s website allows you to design your own engagement ring from scratch. You need to provide Whiteflash with a detailed description and pictures and/or a sketch of the ring you require. Whiteflash will give you the benefit of their expertise and guide you along the way explaining possible options and ideas. Once the design has been decided they will then e-mail an order confirmation to you with an exact price for creating your unique engagement ring. So that you can approve the ring before they create it, they will produce a wax model of the ring and several pictures of it will be e-mailed to you.

Diamond engagement rings are not the only string to Whiteflash’s bow. They also create other fine diamond jewelry including elegant designer wedding bands, right hand rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

The Whiteflash item I am coveting is the stunning diamond and sapphire bangle bracelets. The dazzling bracelets are crafted in white gold and set with a combination of premium ‘A Cut Above’ brand diamonds and baby pink sapphires. I’m in good company as Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 20th birthday wearing hers! There are other beautiful bracelets available at prices start from $595 with a choice of amethyst, yellow sapphires pink sapphires or blue sapphires.

Whiteflash provide uncompromisingly great quality diamond engagement rings. I recommend that you have a browse on their website to feast your eyes on the beautiful diamonds they have on offer, to educate yourself about diamonds in general and to see what kind of engagement ring matches your style and your budget.

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The Perfect Favor For Your Wine Loving Guests
Date: November 10, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Favors & Shopping & Sponsored Reviews & Unique Ideas

This is a sponsored review.

Choosing wedding favors is one of easiest and fun parts of planning your wedding. You get to choose a gift for your guests which will serve as a memento of the happiest day of your life. Nowadays couples planning their wedding are looking for favors which will show their wedding guests in a unique and creative way how much they appreciate that guest sharing their special day with them.

What better way to stamp your own personal style on your wedding favors than to give your guests a gift which is everlasting, practical and truly unique - a personalized wine bottle stopper. is a company which produces beautiful hand-made wooden bottle stoppers that are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your wedding reception. Whether they are wine connoisseurs or not your guests will adore the style of the stoppers which are handcrafted by skilled artisans from the finest maple wood. These stoppers are not only attractive to look at but they are perfectly practical too and would be sure to dress up any bottle of wine!

“Let your guests know that their presence at your wedding is truly appreciated by giving them unique and personalized wedding favors which will be used and treasured for years to come.”

Prices start at $7.40 CDN per stopper (depending on the quantity you order) and the stoppers can be personalized with your own message of up to 32 characters. You could add you and your fiancé’s names and the date of your wedding or you could be creative and add your own personal words to your guests.

Of course you can choose yourself how to present the bottle stoppers to your guests. There are many ways that you could decorate and embellish the gift-wrapping of the elegant bottle stoppers to tie in with the color theme and style of your wedding. helpfully offer a small selection of wedding favor boxes which the bottle stopper fits into perfectly. There are four styles of boxes available for you to choose from on their website and with prices starting at $0.49 CDN they are definitely an affordable option. If you can't decide which will suit you best and if you want to see for yourself the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into every handmade bottle stopper, why not order a sample pack? You can request a Wedding Favor and Gift Box Sample Pack at a cost of $7 CDN.

Also available from are a selection of unique handmade bowls and woodturnings, which would make lovely gifts for your bridal party.

If you are looking for favors which will add a stylish finishing touch to your wedding then I recommend that you take a look at’s personalized bottle stoppers. What a perfect way to express your gratitude towards your wedding guests and give them an everlasting token of your wedding day which will definitely not be banished to the back of a drawer!

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The Autumn National Wedding Shows 2006 Preview - The New Way For Advertisers To Get Their Products And Services Reviewed On
Date: November 10, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Sponsored Reviews

This is a sponsored review.

Over the past year I have written about many wedding related products and services. These have been totally unbiased reviews and even though in the most part I have applauded the topic I am writing about, I haven’t been shy to say some negative comments. Sometimes I will attend a wedding show and come across some really amazing ideas I want to share with you and equally sometimes I receive books and favors in the post that I am more than willing to review. This I believe works well with all the practical wedding advice and tips posts I also write.

That’s great if you are product or service I have actually had first hand experience of, but what if you are a wedding company that would like to appear on and really I don’t know you from Adam!

The answer is simple, it is a new site launched today called, run by Andy Hagens and Aaron Wall.

This new website allows advertisers to get their products or services reviewed by related web sites, and benefit from valuable exposure, feedback, and viral buzz. lists each blog an advertiser can have their product reviewed on with a rating out of five stars, this is determined by looking at its Alexa Rank, Technorati Rank, and an estimated number of RSS subscribers. is listed within the directory of blogs at, just search on the keyword “wedding” to find us. Currently has a rating of 2 stars, and as a consequence the cost to appear on the site is $60 ($30 is paid to and $30 for This way I’m not hiding anything, you can see exactly what I am being paid for the sponsored posts on the site.

For $60 you get the following:

1. You get great exposure on , typically it takes 2 -3 days for our posts to be indexed in Google. The rule and regulations at state that the post should be a minimum of 200 words. This to me seems low and I definitely like to write more and add photographs with permission.

2. An ethical review of your product or service to the best of my ability. Please have a look at my existing list of reviews to see the high standard of writing I maintain There will be no pressure for me to positive, though if the product or service looks great I will definitely say so.

3. I will end the post with the words “"This is a sponsored review. Please note that this post represents ethical and unbiased review” in so as there is no confusion as to whether I am writing the review out of the goodness of my heart or I am receiving cash for it.

This represents a great opportunity for wedding products and services, especially new ones, to receive immediate exposure in front of a very targetted audience.

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Designer Diamond Engagement Rings at
The Perfect Favor For Your Wine Loving Guests

As you plan your wedding you will receive advice from just about everyone. Friends and family have a million and one tips to pass on, in fact here at Wedaholic I have been offering tips galore.