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50 Money Saving Tips From Martha Stewart
Date: June 06, 2007 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Budgeting & Catering & Flower & Decorations & Magazines & Planning & Site Reviews & Unique Ideas

If you are looking for some money saving tips when it comes to planning your wedding then you should definitely check out Martha Stewart’s website. Her feature “50 ways to trim your budget” contains fantastic budgeting tips for general wedding planning, flowers, decorations and catering.

Here are a few of my personal favourites:

Pay wedding costs with a credit card to earn frequent-flyer miles toward your honeymoon. Just make sure to avoid incurring interest charges by paying the balance in full each month.
After the event, donate your flowers to a hospital or nursing home; it's a thoughtful thing to do and also a tax deduction.
Eliminate reply cards and have guests handwrite a note instead. You'll save on stationery and postage, and the responses will be great keepsakes.

Take a look for yourself as the tips are sure to give you some inspiring ideas and help to shave money off your all important wedding budget!

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78 Free Wedding Tips And Book

As you plan your wedding you will receive advice from just about everyone. Friends and family have a million and one tips to pass on, in fact here at Wedaholic I have been offering tips galore. For example tips on wedding djs, getting guests to mingle, giving a great speech and tipping wedding suppliers to name just a few!

To give you a flavour of what to expect I have copied the types of wedding tips you will receive below:

Sample Tip 1 :

At the reception hall, fill baskets in the bathroom with miniature hand lotions, breath mints, hair sprays, and hair gels for emergency touch-ups. You may also want to put out a basket with a few inexpensive pairs of pantyhose and
some clear nail polish.

"Thanks for all the tips..and for making them genuinely "free".... the tips I found most helpful of your's were about etiquette ... it helps to remind brides of other people's feelings when they are getting caught up in their own! And that idea about giving framed pictures to the parents is one I will definately do! Blessings!" - Suzanne, US

Sample Tip 2 :

Don’t forget grandparents and other relatives who may feel “left out” during the preparations before the wedding. Take a camera along when you are shopping for your dress or looking at flowers.

Send pictures with a quick note that says, “Here’s me rubbing my feet after trying on shoes that were murder!” Or “Aunt Joan, the flowers were beautiful, but I wish you could have been there.”

"Just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful tips! I enjoy reading them every week!! I will use you're advice throughout the planning of my wedding and on the big day! Thanks again" - Dan

Sample Tip 3 :

For bridesmaids' dresses, consider separates, especially if you have attendants whose sizes and shapes vary widely. Skip the bridal stores and check out department stores for evening skirts and separate tops that are made of luxurious fabrics and trimmed with beading or embroidered details.

"Dear Emily your tips have been very helpful to me in planning for my wedding thank you for all of your help, looking forward to receiving other tips from you. Best Regards" - Cornelia, US

Scottish Real Life Weddings On Sale Now
Date: October 12, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Magazines & Unique Ideas & Venues

The Winter issue of "Real Life Weddings" is now on sale at newsagents. You can read the inspiring real life stories of 18 brides who were recently married at some of Scotland’s finest venues. If you are still looking for just the right venue for your big day, take inspiration from these weddings, which were held in four distinct types of locations; in the city, beautiful gardens and historic buildings – and if you are looking for a venue that's a little out of the ordinary, well there are plenty of ideas for you too!

You can buy "Real Life Weddings", as well as the current issue of "The Scottish Wedding Directory" and any back copies you missed online here

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Request Your Free Copy Of Confetti's New Catalogue Today!
Date: October 04, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Industry News & Magazines & Planning & Shopping & Stationery & Themes & Unique Ideas

>The new Confetti catalogue has just popped through my door! Having had a look at it I definitely recommend you request your free cop now.

Confetti's new catalogue is packed full of inspring ideas and products to help you create your perfect day. There are 115 pages divided into seven sections, namely: planning (p4-5), stationary (6-37), create your own (p38-63), table decorations (p66-87), party (p88-97), gifts (p98-107) and memories (p108-112). I can guarantee you will find things to make your wedding personal and unique.

Remember Confetti isn't just for weddings, but any event requiring a unique celebration - engagements, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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Compare Confetti's Wedding Insurance to other UK products.
Confetti's New Must-Read Magazine - Confetti Receptions
How To Use For A Stylish Christmas - a one stop shop for wedding and party advice.

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28 Reasons Why I Love Google!
Date: July 28, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Books & Coupons & Destination Weddings & Directories & Dresses & Honeymoon & Magazines & Miscellaneous & Planning & Reception & Reviews & Shopping & Unique Ideas & Venues & Videography

Yes it's true - I love Google in so many ways.

Let me explain why. Most of us have a friendship with Google and meet up most days, either at work or home! It's just so easy to find exactly what you want, just type in your query and Google delivers. To be honest though my friendship turned into a full on love affair when I started to learn ways that Google could help me even futher. There really is so much more to Google than just a simple search.

I would like to show you specific Google services and queries that can help you plan your wedding.

Google Services:

♥ Google Answers

Type in your wedding related question and have an expert reply to it, or alternatively, as I do, just browse existing wedding questions at your leisure. There is a non-refundable listing fee of $0.50 per question plus an additional 'price' you set for your question that reflects how much you're willing to pay for an answer. I recommend you review some of the wedding questions to get an idea of how much information you will receive for any given amount. The lowest you can pay for a question is $2. Google Answers is a great resource and an excellent opportunity to get your wedding question answered.

♥ Google Blog Search

Using Google Blog Search you can search for content on many wedding blogs - either informational sites like or personal blogs set up by engaged couples. Additionally you can review wedding related references made on other blog sites. Quite often the information found on a blog is much more current than a major wedding portal.

♥ Google Book Search

Use Google Book Search to find the full text taken from wedding books and also discover new ones at the same time. Most wedding books are on “Limited Preview”, but nevertheless this gives you an idea of what the book is like before you buy it.

♥ Google Calendar

Google allows you to set up a special “Wedding Calendar” so that you can record all of your key dates leading up to the big day. This is great tool for sharing with your parents, bridesmaids, best man etc. If you already have a Google Mail you can toggle between your email and calendar with ease.

♥ Google Catalogs

This is a fantastic way to shop for wedding favors, gifts and so much more. Simply by using Google Catalogs you can see all the references made to weddings in the top shopping catalogs. Just flick through the catalogs as if they had been delivered to your door!

♥ Google Desktop

All the Google information and functionality you ever wanted, right on your desktop.

♥ Google Directory

Use Google Directory to search the web organized by topics into categories. This way you can really find the wedding site you want - you defintely won't find any fluff or spam sites here.

♥ Google Earth

Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to enable you to review potential wedding venues and honeymoon possibilities without moving from your desk - a very powerful tool. Before you know it you will have spent an hour circling the globe in amazement!

♥ Google Groups

Google Groups is a free service which allows groups of people to communicate effectively with each other using email and the internet. I recommend you take a look at the and groups.

♥ Google Images

This is a brilliant resource for searching for images of your dream wedding dress or the type of reception you desire. Additionally it is a great place to catch up with all the celebrity wedding pictures!

♥ Google Maps

Invaluable as a way to find the exact location of a wedding supplier or get precise directions to a possible wedding reception. One of the most powerful time saving Google tools.

♥ Google Notebook

As you browse the internet searching for wedding ideas don't you wish you had somewhere to save all the scraps of information you come across? Well look no further! Using Google Notebook you can add clippings of text, images and links from web pages to your own notebook without ever leaving your browser window.

♥ Google Movies

When the wedding planning gets too much, treat yourself to a movie. Google Movies gives you the latest information and times before you book online. Is there anything Google doesn't do!

♥ Google News

When you're addicted to weddings you just have to have the latest wedding news - I know the feeling! Keep track with all the celebrity wedding gossip by visiting Google News.

♥ Google Pages

Use Google Pages to easily and quickly create your own wedding web pages. This free online tool makes it easy for anyone to create and publish attractive pages in minutes. If you want a simple page announcing your wedding then this is the tool for you. As you edit your page, you will see exactly what it will look like when your wedding guests see it. There are definitely no complex tools to learn and no web designers to hire.

♥ Google Suggest

I love Google Suggest, just start to enter your query and you are presented with a number of alternatives you will have probably never thought of.

♥ Google Video

It would take you a lifetime to view every movie on Google Video, such is the array of varied content. Search on "wedding dress" for example and begin to see the many options you have.

Google Operators:

Next time you search in Google I recommend you use some of the following operators for a more precise search.


Use this to get the exact defination of a keyword. For example Wikipedia states that "A wedding is a civil or religious ceremony at which the beginning of a marriage is celebrated". No suprises there, but try defining the internet in one sentence!

This operator enables you to find a list of websites that link to your favourite wedding site. In this case I'm able to find other wedding sites simply by asking Google for a list of those ones that link to

You can use the related operator to find sites similar and related to any of your favourite wedding sites. Click on the link to see web sites related to

Ever wondered how many pages there are in a web site? Use the site operator to get links to every page on the site. If you have the time you can read all 275,000 pages at!

allintitle:wedding ipod

The allintitle operator restricts the results to those with all the query words in the title. So, for example, if you are looking for specific articles on the use of ipods at weddings you could use the query above, as this would only return documents that have both "wedding" and "ipod" in the title.

intitle:wedding budget

The intitle operator restricts the results to documents containing that word in the title. For instance the query above will return documents that mention the word "wedding" in their title, and mention the word "budget" anywhere in the document.

allinurl:wedding songs

If you start a query with allinurl, Google will restrict the results to those with all of the query words in the url. For instance, my example will return only documents that have both "wedding" and "songs" in the url.

inurl:wedding tips

If you include inurl: in your wedding query, Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the url. For instance, my example will return documents that mention the word "wedding" in their url, and mention the word "tips" anywhere in the document.

wedding * dress

This query will return documents that contain wedding and dress separated by exactly one word.

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" mp3 "wedding"

Use this query string to search for wedding mp3s. Alternatively you can just replace the word "wedding" with the name of any music artist.

I hope these links help with your wedding planning and with your other Google searches. Undoubtedly the major reason I love Google is because of Google Romance - how else would I have met my husband!

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World Wedding Dress Day
Date: July 14, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Attire & Dresses & Funny & Magazines & Unique Ideas

After your wedding is over your beautiful wedding dress that you spent so much time and effort procuring is likely to sit in your wardrobe for decades gathering dust. Well now you have the perfect excuse to dust it down and raise money for charity at the same time. Take a Break have joined forces with Barnardo's children's charity to launch National Wedding Dress Day on Friday 25 August, 2006.

To participate all you have to do is get people to sponsor you by the hour for wearing your wedding dress in public. You could choose to wear it at work, to the pub, out shopping, out to dinner or you could even host your own party and encourage your other married friends to dress up for the occasion! The rules state that you can also wear bridesmaids dresses, mother-of-the-bride outfits and men can dress up too - what a great theme for a party!

This is a really good excuse to get some wear out of that dress again and prove to yourself that you can still fit into it! You could plan a really fun night out with friends and help charity at the same time! Barnardo's are the lead charity but you are free to nominate any good cause you choose.

Take a Break hope to turn National Wedding Dress Day into a major annual fund-raiser and it has garnered such popularity in Britain already that they are launching World Wedding Dress Day.

“It began in Britain with thousands of women volunteering to wear their wedding dresses to raise money for charities - ranging from Barnardo's to hospitals, from the elderly to breast cancer research. Now women all over the world are being invited to take part as well. It will be the biggest all-female event ever staged. It will combine fun with a purpose.”

Women all over the world share the tradition of holding onto their wedding dress in the knowledge that they will never have another chance to wear it! According to Take a Break, World Wedding Dress Day on Friday August 25, 2006 “will unite all women, half of the world's population, with one symbol - the wedding dress.”

The idea for National Wedding Dress Day originated after Take a Break published the story of Gail Mercer, a 33 year old mum-of-three from Strathaven in South Lanarkshire in April this year. Gail had hit upon the unique idea of raising money for charity by organizing a Wedding Dress Ball - the first ever in the world. The entire event was styled as a proper wedding reception with a champagne reception, wedding cake, photographer, four-course meal, wedding band and disco. The ball took place at the Strathaven Hotel on April 22 and was a great success - all 80 women wore their wedding dresses (their husbands wore wedding attire too) and they managed to raise £8,100 for the Kilbryde Hospice Appeal charity. Take a Break realized after reading about the success of Gail’s Wedding Party that women were openly embracing the opportunity to blow the dust of their wedding dresses and wear them in public.

The National Wedding Dress Day actually falls on the same date as my cousin's 1st wedding anniversary so she is planning an anniversary/wedding dress wearing dinner party. Judging by the excited stir this has caused amongst her circle of friends (including myself – I can’t wait for an excuse to squeeze into my stunning dress again!) it seems obvious that married women really are just waiting for an excuse to dress up like a princess again! Some of the couples attending the party have been married for years so it will be really interesting to see the different wedding dress fashions and how styles have changed over the years. I’m really glad I held on to my dress – I’ve been tempted over the last couple of years to give it away or sell it on eBay!

When you’ve spent a fortune on a wedding dress and have only worn it once it seems a crying shame to let it gather dust never to see the light of day again. So come on ladies – get those wedding dresses,bridesmaids dresses and other wedding finery out of the closet and let them have some fun!

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Kelly Rowland's Wedding Faux Pas
Date: July 12, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Celebrity Weddings & Magazines

Calling off your wedding must be one of the most difficult things you might do in life. It is inevitably a highly emotional time when you probably feel a combination of huge relief mixed with horrible guilt and some regret. Imagine then how Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland must have felt last year when she called off her wedding only to appear days later on the cover of one of America's widest circulating wedding magazines in a wedding dress - how embarrassing!

Kelly was planning her wedding to Dallas Cowboys American football player Roy Williams last year when they decided to call off the impending nuptials because they both felt they were too young and not ready for marriage. This would have been fine but for the fact that Kelly was the cover girl in the April/May 2005 issue of American magazine Modern Bride and it was due to be released just days later!

According to The Sun Newspaper Kelly explains: "Our timing couldn't have been worse. That issue of Modern Bride had just come out. I was so embarrassed. For weeks I would walk past the newsstand at the speed of light, my hat pulled down." In the wedding magazine article Kelly talked about her wedding plans. She discussed how her Aunt Tina (Beyonce's mother) was designing her bespoke wedding gown and how she planned for all of the guests to participate in the wedding ceremony by placing flowers in a circle for her and Roy to stand inside while they were married. What a difficult time it must have been for her anyway without her abandoned wedding plans becoming public knowledge - I do feel sorry for her. Perhaps next time she will think twice about discussing her wedding plans and modelling a wedding dress for a magazine photo shoot!

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Confetti's New Must-Read Magazine - Confetti Receptions
Date: July 05, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Industry News & Magazines & Reviews & Shopping

I've just received my copy of the new wedding magazine from Confetti, ‘Confetti Receptions’. I had originally thought that the magazine would simply be another vehicle for Confetti to advertise their own products but after having read it cover to cover I realize that I was mistaken - it is fabulous!

Confetti Receptions is an indispensable guide which touches upon all aspects of wedding planning from choosing your wedding venue to arranging your honeymoon. If you are lacking inspiration and need some unique and creative ideas for planning your wedding then this is the magazine that has everything you need. It is packed with expert advice from wedding trade professionals, features lots of beautiful photography of a variety of wedding reception themes and has plenty of hints and tips to ensure that every detail of your wedding day is perfect.

Here is what particularly stands out to me about this wedding magazine:

♥ Unlike other bridal magazines it is a convenient handbag size.

♥ At £2.95 it is a very reasonable price for such a large amount of ideas and information.

♥ This is not just a catalogue of Confetti's wedding merchandise. It is only to be expected that the magazine features many of the products available for purchase from Confetti’s online store but it features many other products too.

♥ The authors of the articles in Confetti Receptions are not suggesting that you to simply buy everything you need to plan your dream wedding from Confetti, they are encouraging you to try to style your wedding yourself. This magazine actively promotes using simple products and creative ideas to design your own individual wedding style, which I think is great.

♥ If you lack creative flair then this magazine does the hard work for you - it shows you how to recreate their wedding styles through their impressive photos and easy to follow narrative in the magazine.

♥ The magazine is easy to read and has a comprehensive products list at the back so that the items featured in every section can be easily tracked down by you.

The topics covered within the magazine are:

Planning - This includes a great wedding budget planner which tells you the average amount spent by British brides on each area of their wedding budget (e.g. £970 is the average amount spent by brides on their wedding dress). This section also covers guidelines for choosing a venue (with listings of some popular venue choices in the UK) and transportation ideas.

Wedding style and table decorations - This was my favourite section of the magazine - it gives suggestions for colour themes and design ideas. The colourful photos in this section really help you to see how the looks for the rooms and tables are put together and how to find your own wedding style.

Amazing table decorations are what Confetti are best known for and in this section of the magazine you can see all of the most popular wedding trimmings attractively presented on different table layouts. Confetti have laid out photographs and narrative giving hints and tips on how to co-ordinate everything on the tables at your wedding reception, including the china, linen (the variety of napkin styles to match different colour schemes is amazing!), glassware and table decor. I particularly love the "Think Pink" wedding style they have created in the magazine, which is very pretty and eye-catching with pink gerberas, feathers and tea lights decorating the table - simple yet stunning.

The magazine also has some ideas for unconventional table centerpieces. I love the idea of a glass bowl lined with feathers in your chosen colour scheme and filled with chocolates or a bowl with real goldfish in it! The article on how to decorate a children’s table at your wedding is very colourful! There are a great variety of finishing touches illustrated in the magazine which could make all the difference to your wedding style, such as acorns with little cards attached (perfect for an autumnal wedding). Most of the ideas are based around items available within the Confetti online store but some, such as the acorn idea, can be recreated independently.

Favours - Of course no wedding magazine would be complete without some ideas for unique wedding favours. There are ideas for edible favours, favours to match every colour scheme and details of Confetti's top selling favours. I personally thought that the idea of a candy bar from which the wedding guests could help themselves throughout the reception looks like great fun and very unique!

Stationery and Create Your Own - I think this section would be really helpful for couples wanting to create their own wedding stationery. Here Confetti provide you with invaluable advice on how to make your own invitations, orders of service and table planners. There are helpful photos alongside each step-by-step set of instructions which make it look very easy to do, as well as creative tips and ideas on how to make your stationery stand out from the rest.

This section of the magazine also features stunning bouquets and unique ideas for creating your own floral displays at your wedding. A top floral designer gives his tips for selecting wedding flowers. Again the photos are fantastic quality and show the flowers in all of their stunning glory - I imagine a lot of brides will be ripping the pages out of the magazine and asking their florist to recreate the arrangements for them!

Photography - Confetti provide you with an invaluable photography checklist which includes the all-important questions to ask your photographer and also 3 professional wedding photographers answer the most frequently asked questions. Additionally in this section of the magazine, Confetti give you ideas on how to make everlasting keepsakes of your wedding day.

Real life weddings - This was my second favourite section of the magazine as it reports on 11 couples’ real life wedding days, allowing you a sneaky peek into their wedding styles and discovering the inspiration behind their choices of reception themes. There are lots of variations of wedding styles between the 11 weddings and the photos look like they are straight out of a Confetti catalogue! They all have beautiful table arrangements, floral displays and some innovative ideas which you could recreate for your own wedding day. One couple named each table at their wedding reception after a place in New York (e.g. Trump Tower, Central Park etc) because that is where they got engaged – what a great idea!

Food and drink - This section features advice on how to choose the ultimate wedding menu and drink within your budget. There are delicious ideas, details of different options for the wedding breakfast and also a helpful checklist of questions for your wedding caterer.

Wedding cake - 3 top cake makers offer their expert opinions in this section and give advice on choosing your wedding cake. As with all of Confetti's articles, they offer you ideas to encourage you to go down the DIY route when it comes to your wedding cake. Here Confetti shows you how to create and decorate your own wedding cake. There is a stunning lilac and butterfly themed cake, which I thought was a simple yet beautiful DIY wedding cake option.

Entertainment - Aunt Betti, Confetti’s resident wedding expert, gives some top tips for making wedding speeches, as well as suggestions for daytime, evening and alternative types of wedding entertainment. This section also has a fascinating list of the top ten first dance songs chosen by couples.

Presents - There is a brief section on how to make a wedding gift list, tips for what it is acceptable to ask for as a wedding gift and which are the most fashionable and traditional gifts couples ask for. There are also ideas for personalized gifts for your wedding party.

Travel - If you are planning a destination wedding then this section of the magazine would be particularly helpful to you, as it contains advice on how to organize an overseas reception, including details of a real life Mediterranean wedding. There are also some top tips for planning the ultimate wedding and honeymoon.

Confetti describe this publication as "simply a must have for the modern bride to be" and I agree with them. Confetti Receptions is available to buy online or in-store. I totally recommend it and I will be eagerly anticipating the next issue!

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As you plan your wedding you will receive advice from just about everyone. Friends and family have a million and one tips to pass on, in fact here at Wedaholic I have been offering tips galore.