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How To Avoid Terrible Wedding Photographs Using Disposable Cameras
Date: July 11, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Cameras & Photography & Reception & Shopping & Unique Ideas

Many brides who put disposable cameras on their wedding tables often find that the guests do not use them wisely. They end up spending a lot of money on the cameras and developing and don't even get one good shot and regret using them at all. The fact is many people are clueless about taking good pictures. Then again there is always the occasional photography disaster where the couple ends up grateful to have any photos at all!

1. Some guests just need some advice!

One solution if to include a list of wedding reception photography tips with the camera and perhaps some examples of good wedding pics from the internet. No one likes pictures of themselves eating or with a half eaten or dirty piece of food in front of them. It may even be a good idea to designate the camera to a certain guest at each table who is known for a having an eye for photography. Some older children may be fine with a disposable camera but to others it ends up just being a toy to play with. In fact some guests sometimes hand the camera to a child for them to have fun with.

2. A special wedding disposable camera collection basket is an absolute must!

Instead of ordering double prints it is actually better to order a single set and the photos on CD, then they can be emailed to guests and you can save on postage. It is also wise to have a special collection basket at the reception that is clearly visibly so as the cameras don't just walk out the door and never return!

3. Don't let the heat get to your camera!

Disposable cameras should also not be left in the sunlight or hot car before or after the wedding. Some of the new digital disposable cameras in the $10 plus price range are not a bargain but take substantially better pictures. Never buy cameras off of auction site as they could have passed their expiration date or have heat or moisture damage because they have not been properly cared for.

4.Taking the hassle out of having disposable camera!

Ultimately many brides are not bothering with disposable cameras at all and asking at least selected people to bring their own digital cameras so as they can take some pictures, then email them or download them to services like in the US and in the UK.

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