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Harrods Wedding Service - For Dogs!
Date: November 13, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Unique Ideas

To brighten up your Monday morning I had to post this cute story about Harrods' new wedding service for dogs (Tel: 020 7225 6884). Following on from the success of their “Anything is Possible” promotion in September, which included Harrods' first ever dog wedding service and their fantastic Pet-a-Porter canine fashion show, Harrods now offer canine customers the opportunity to exchange collars and vows at their London store.

For a mere £2,500 Harrods “Puppy Love Package” includes:

♥ Pooch designer bride and groom wedding outfits
♥ The Wedding Ceremony where collars are exchanged
♥ A dog-friendly wedding cake
♥ Marriage Certificate
♥ Champagne reception for 20 human guests at the Harrods Restaurant, London
♥ A "Just Married" sign
♥ A luxury honeymoon for the newlyweds at the exclusive Paw Seasons Dog Hotel, Kent

Dog owners also have the option to shell out another £1,000 for the "premium" package which includes a horse-drawn carriage and photographers at the wedding ceremony.

A wedding which took place in September this year at Harrods saw the "bride" Muffin (an eight month old shih tzu) arrive for the wedding ceremony at Harrods department store in a horse-drawn carriage, dressed in a white frock and veil. Muffin and her "groom" Timmy (a two and a half year old bichon frisé) were married before a group of human guests at an event costing up to £3,500. According to Timmy and Muffin found love in the colourful surroundings of Harrods' pet department as they were being fitted for coats. Their owners, Dominique Day and Rachel Little, decided to keep in touch by taking the dogs for walks together and upon hearing of Harrods new dog wedding service decided that their pooches who have been described as “a lovely couple” should declare their love for one another and exchange collars!

The wedding outfits for the day were from (Tel:020 7580 7580). Just click on the dog photographs to buy your very own dog wedding dress and tuxedo!

The respective dogs owners were encouraged to write the vows for the dogs. According to the at the Harrods wedding service of Timmy and Muffin the pair vowed to,

“be yours in times of Pedigree Chum and in times of old bones. I promise to always share my squeaky toys. I will bark at cats, chase squirrels away and always defend you against the postman.”

Harrods claim that the new dog wedding service is attracting a lot of interest. Harrods spokesman Alexia Williams says:

“Owners just want to indulge their dogs and this is the perfect way to do it. Often dogs who have been playmates for years are the most likely candidates for the weddings. It’s basically a great party that the dogs can get involved in and be the centre of attention.”

These dog weddings are marking a new trend in Britain as, like our American counterparts, increasing numbers of pet owners lavish more and more money and attention on their pets. According to British pet owners are already spending £294 million a year on presents for their pets. Dogs in particular are increasingly being treated as members of the family. As I mentioned in my blog a lot of dog owners enjoy including them in their own wedding ceremonies - from walking them down the aisle to acting as a ring bearer! I think dog weddings are the natural progression for dog lovers.

Well, if dog owners have the money and inclination then why not give their pooches their chance to bask in the limelight of being a newlywed for the day!

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