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Four Wedding Blogs Reviewed
Date: May 17, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Site Reviews & Wedding Blogs

Yesterday I received a nice surge in traffic from a site called and this got me thinking that really I have limited ideas regarding the best wedding blogs on the internet. Ever since October 2005 I have kept myself to myself just trying to make a useful and fun resource for brides around the world – seems like I have been a bit blinkered. It may seem weird but the honest truth is that what with other things going on I haven’t really branched out to see who my friends and neighbours in the “wedosphere” are, so to speak.

In the beginning I wasn’t even sure I would be able to maintain the blog, in so much that you hear many stories of people that lose motivation after a few months. Thankfully that has never happened to me, I just seem to be addicted to weddings. I get a buzz from writing long in depth articles on wedding advice. For example, I’m particularly proud of this blog on Double Weddings and this one on using your iPod at a wedding instead of a DJ. Equally, I thoroughly enjoy writing articles about the latest celebrity weddings and reviews of wedding related films. My aim is to provide a entertaining mix of information for today’s bride. In fact even after the wedding I would like to think brides are still tuning in for some of the more amusing stories I post!

So my aim in this article is to walk you through some of the best wedding blogs I have found over the past day or two. Admittedly I could turn this walk into a marathon but initially I thought I would stick to a few that instantly make an impact which I have bookmarked to visit in the future.

So lets start with, the site that initially got me thinking about other wedding blogs!

This is a wedding blog run by freelance journalist and writer Camilla Chafer. She posts daily and all in all she seems to be a very busy lady, writing for a whole host of other websites including the girl's guide to gadgets weblog

Both sites are run by and I was intrigued to find out exactly who was responsible for running this company. It seems from reading this page that they are a media company set up in August 2003 . To quote them directly, they are a “London-based pico-publisher” where is part of a very strong blog stable that includes other quality blogs like, and

So what does have to offer you?

Well it seems from a quick glance to offer an array of wedding related stories, many focused on the UK market where, like me, Camilla is based. At random I clicked on the “Attendants” link in the category listings and saw that many of the posts feature links to UK stores and sites, an interesting selection of names and brands – some I had heard of and many I hadn’t. This is great for brides, for example there is a review of “Absolutely Audrey” a shop that allows you to personalise your shoes with shoe clips for all occasions.

I could spend a whole day visiting all of the wedding ranges featured on this blog. Most posts are fairly short and to the point. The bottom line is that they are informative and definitely have something interesting to say. For example on the Keepsakes and Favours page any bride could easily while away a good hour during her lunch break surfing this page alone. Finally, before I move on to another blog please take time out to check out this - I just had to click on the category title “Yay or Nay” to find out exactly what it meant. It turns out that this is a funny review of the best and worst dresses on the market today, as Camilla puts it:

"Amongst all the beautiful gowns, a monster lurks. And not just one, there's lots and lots of these hideous creations just waiting to pounce on the poor unsuspecting bride."

She is dead right, there are some ghastly creations out there. Every Wednesday a different dress is posted on, and if your own dress looks similar to any of the ones featured you may want to think again! It’s definitely entertaining to review the comments section. In fact the “Yay or Nay section” is a feature of a few of the other Shiny Media blogs, for example check out

Ok I have to move on. I thoroughly recommend you add to the list of blogs you read on a regular basis. It will really bring a smile to your face!

Moving on to!

On the right hand column of there is a heading called “Blogs We Read” and under it a list of other wedding blogs. (It reminds me I must set something up like this on Wedaholic myself, it just makes sense that a bride would want to jump from one wedding blog to the next.) Anyway my eye jumped to a blog called “Wedding Bee” and on arriving at the site I see that for Tuesday 16th May there are amazing 14 posts! I'm so amazed that I hit the previous button at the bottom of the page to see whether this was a one off or the norm. It is the norm. I can see myself spending a ton of time on this site! Time to put the kettle on!

Whilst reading the About page I see that Wedding Bee is authored many times a day by brides (and grooms) planning their weddings in New York. Of all the authors though a certain “Mrs Bee” seems to be the most prolific contributor to this site, so I had to find out more about her!

Its fun to read each of the author biographies and it is here that I find out that in fact Mrs Bee is actually Mrs Bee – this is her real name and she got wed back on the March 5th 2005. Sadly I can’t tell you too much more about her but fortunately some of the other authors are more forthcoming. For instance Mrs. Ladybug tells us at length about her two wedding proposals . In fact when I saw that her wedding actually happened not so long ago on 16th April this year I was intrigued to find out how the big day went. Like me you can read her whole story and relive every step. I love the photos , particularly the ones posted on 13th May and the ones of the “breakfast date”on the 4th May.

She says:

We did not take any Engagement photos. These were taken the morning of the wedding - our last “breakfast date” together before we got hitched. I knew we weren’t going to have any time to ourselves all day so this was an hour that we set aside just for us which I HIGHLY recommend you do. It could be anything.

Definitely a great idea!

I also discovered a page on that in future would be fun to have on Wedaholic, namely a page that tells the reader which articles are the most popular and who has actually been leaving the most comments.

Again you can spend a life time on this page!

In fact with Wedding Bee you have the opportunity to become a blogger on the site if you are getting married in Manhattan?

All in all there is a wealth of information on this blog - no wonder linked to this site. I particularly like the "Dear WeddingBee" posts where for example brides send in questions. For example,

"As her maid of honor, I am planning my friend’s bridal shower. I have never even attended a bridal shower, so I have no clue how to start."

You can check out Mrs Bee's great response here.

Where next?

Well both and recommend, so it makes sense to pop over and have a look.

The first thing that strikes me is that Manolo isn’t just interested in weddings, he has blogs relating to shoes, food and men. Secondly it isn’t that easy to find out exactly who Manolo is, as he states on his blog – "Manolo the Shoeblogger is not Manolo Blahnik"

Manolo himself likes to remain anonymous but his bridal blog is written by someone with the name “Never teh Bride”. Though this writer posts daily to it has been some time since she posted to her own personal blog.

As she puts it:

"The story of one woman's quest to stop being the bridesmaid, and to seize control of her inner matrimonial bliss."

Anyway lets cut to the chase - is an entertaining wedding blog, and from what I can see there is generally one post a day. The topics covered in recent days range from wedding cup cakes, how to get your own personalised wedding song, a wedding teddy gun that shoots small stuffed bears at your guests, great wedding films, advice on mother of the bride dresses and even working out for your wedding. There is definitely something for everyone!

Every day there seems to be an interesting post, so much so that I have added their feed to my Bloglines account. In fact I recommend all brides have a Bloglines account so that each morning they can easily review all the latest wedding blogs in one place without necessarily visiting each site. For instance, while you are in Bloglines be sure to add my feed.

Like the other blogs I have reviewed there is a list of recommended blog links in the right hand column - even more so with Manolo’s site. In fact when there is a list of nearly twenty blogs it really is tough working out which you should visit next. I personally look at the names and go on instinct. Scanning this list I was taken by the name "Here Comes the Blog" - it made me chuckle!

On arrival at this wedding blog, like at most blogs I visit, I try to find out a little bit about the people behind the site.

Jayne Leigh Hallock runs and is the main blog writer and message board moderator. She is also head writer for and and has over 15 years of professional writing experience!

The blog also has five consultants, all featured on this page.

The five wedding consultants are:

Joyce Scardina Becker, wedding planning expert who runs and has had her work featured in

Erica Goldstein, stationery and trend expert who runs Her work has also appeared on notable wedding sites such as The Wedding Channel.

Diana Kirschner, psychologist & love expert who has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America and NPR Radio and runs her own site

Tatiana Byron, responsible for running The Wedding Salon - a luxury wedding showcase.

Karin Sloan, a veteran wedding expert, founder of

With all this expert opinion it shouldn't be surprising that this blog bursts with quality information. The posts don't seem to be regular, some can be over a week apart, but certainly you can see the content is professionally written. So as I don't miss a post I have added their feed to my Bloglines account.

So there you have it - four great wedding blogs:


Mrs Bee and the other New York brides'



In time I am sure I will recommend many more wedding blogs. In addition I will also be shortly setting up a "Blogroll" in the right hand column of so that you always have a handy list of blogs which you can access.

If you are aware of a fun and entertaining wedding blog you believe I should know about, please do not hesitate to leave a comment so that I can review the site at a later stage.

More Blogs - Updated 3rd July 2006

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