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Ever Wondered What Celebrity You Look Like?
Date: June 01, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Funny

This is just a bit of fun and really has little to do with weddings! It might make you chuckle though and forget the wedding stress you may be suffering this morning!

Ever wondered what celebrity you look like?

Just by visiting you can discover the celebrity that has your good looks! A few minutes ago I uploaded the photo I use on Wedaholic and within seconds I was shown visual proof that I look like Françoise Hardy, Holly Marie Combs and Jennifer Aniston.

These celebs I could easily live with, though I was concerned that if I changed the gender to male I was told I have a close resemblance to the American poet Ezra Pound! Surely this has to be a bug in this highly entertaining face recognition database.

On closer inspection I see the site has multiple photographs of over 3200 celebrities from around the world, ranging from movie stars, sports stars and politicians to famous people from yesteryear. You can get a full list of all the celebrities via this link.

Jennifer Ansiton

Ezra Pound !

So if you need a confidence boast before your big day just spend a few minutes at uploading your own photo and seeing what glamourous celebrity you look like. But please don't blame me if you get a dodgy celebrity like good old Ezra!

Plug for Richard from The Gadget Show for telling me about

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