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Don't Be That Bride - A Wedding Blog Not To Be Missed!
Date: July 02, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Funny & Unique Ideas & Wedding Blogs

Since writing the post "Four Wedding Blogs Reviewed" over six weeks ago I have always been on the look out for entertaining wedding blogs. In fact I’m seem to be adding a new feed to my Bloglines RSS reader every day!

One blog that continues to attract my attention is and I would love to share it with you.

Don't BeThat Bride is written by a twenty-seven year old university graduate, otherwise known as "The Wedding Fairy", who presently lives in New York City and works as a real estate attorney.

She says that through her large social network, whispers about tacky and inappropriate bridal behavior have begun to grow into a loud reverberation. Having acted as both a bridesmaid and guest, she has witnessed unseemly behavior on the part of the brides, grooms and others associated with the "joyous occasion."

Her very first blog sums it up:

“Women lose their minds when it comes to weddings--or, perhaps less dramatically--their practical thinking skills.”

To be more specific...

"Brides-to-be so are concerned about "their day", that they completely lose sight of the larger picture. While these women may have apartments littered with issues of MODERN BRIDE magazine and Emily Post etiquette books, they forget that practical information (about how to respectfully treat their friends and family) is nowhere to be found among those pages."

You will find this blog is both a humorous and forthright take on how to avoid offending bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers and other guests in attendance at wedding ceremonies and receptions. In a nutshell "Don't Be That Bride's" mission statement is to help women globally avoid the inevitable "What Wasn't She Thinking" question!

Some of the Wedding Fairy's favorite posts are those that relate to bridesmaids and the funny (and oftentimes ridiculous) things that have happened to them along the way--for example--hair-dos gone wild as well as the arduous expenses of bridesmaid's dresses.

Most of the Wedding Fairy's posts are general (and gentle) reminders about how to treat ALL guests that are attending the wedding--whether or not they are participating in it. This includes issues about transportation and costs that guests must bear as relates to getting to the church (or temple or reception hall) on time.

I love reading all the feedback via the comments from people who have experienced similar behavior. It is truly an outlet and sounding board for wedding ideas. I believe many women will benefit from reading this outsider's perspective -- and perhaps laugh a little along the way.

This blog has undoubtedly made a huge splash into the colorful world of weddings - I urge you to check "Don't Be That Bride" out!

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