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Discovering Trendy Wedding Venues
Date: December 06, 2005 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Celebrity Weddings & Venues

Finding a wedding venue can be tough!

I found that once I had found my wedding venue and then subsequently my reception venue everything else seemed to fall into place. I'm not sure if I was just lucky, but it was such a weight off my mind that other decisions didn't seem so difficult.

I could start to picture the whole day and everything seemed so much more real - especially when I had put down the deposits!

One venue that has certainly been pushed into the limelight is Windsor's Guildhall in the UK. I know it well and although TV coverage for Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was only of the outside many people around the world are now aware of it.

Come December 21 Sir Elton John and David Furnish will again give further status to this Windsor venue when they are one of the first gay couples in the UK to get wed.

It makes me wonder will brides and grooms start to pick venues based on which celebrities previously got married in them?

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