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Couples Saying "No Thanks" To £16,000 Wedding Budgets
Date: July 17, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Budgeting & Industry News & Planning

At long last couples are coming to their senses and realising that you don't have to break the bank to have the wedding of your dreams. According to a survey carried out by Halifax Bank one in four people think that an amount somewhere between £5,000 to £10,000 is adequate to spend on your wedding day.

This is good news for couples planning their weddings on smaller budgets as up until now £16,000 was the estimated cost of a wedding in the UK being bandied around by the wedding industry professionals. Having this huge figure looming over them from the outset of their wedding planning was enough to put a lot of couples off getting married in the past. The survey reveals that now only 9% of UK residents think that the £16,000 national average cost of a wedding is a reasonable amount of pay. Ian Corfield, head of Halifax Unsecured Personal Loans, says:

"Our survey suggests that there may be a change in opinion as to how much couples should spend. It may be that the costs typically involved have reached a level which is no longer considered reasonable."

To read the full article click here.

Although I can totally understand how easy it is to spend £16,000 on a wedding, I also think that with all of the budgeting tips, DIY options and money-saving ideas readily available on the internet couples have no excuse for inflating their budgets to huge proportions - they can achieve a memorable wedding on a smaller budget.

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