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Confetti's New Must-Read Magazine - Confetti Receptions
Date: July 05, 2006 • Author: Emily • Filed Under: Industry News & Magazines & Reviews & Shopping

I've just received my copy of the new wedding magazine from Confetti, ‘Confetti Receptions’. I had originally thought that the magazine would simply be another vehicle for Confetti to advertise their own products but after having read it cover to cover I realize that I was mistaken - it is fabulous!

Confetti Receptions is an indispensable guide which touches upon all aspects of wedding planning from choosing your wedding venue to arranging your honeymoon. If you are lacking inspiration and need some unique and creative ideas for planning your wedding then this is the magazine that has everything you need. It is packed with expert advice from wedding trade professionals, features lots of beautiful photography of a variety of wedding reception themes and has plenty of hints and tips to ensure that every detail of your wedding day is perfect.

Here is what particularly stands out to me about this wedding magazine:

♥ Unlike other bridal magazines it is a convenient handbag size.

♥ At £2.95 it is a very reasonable price for such a large amount of ideas and information.

♥ This is not just a catalogue of Confetti's wedding merchandise. It is only to be expected that the magazine features many of the products available for purchase from Confetti’s online store but it features many other products too.

♥ The authors of the articles in Confetti Receptions are not suggesting that you to simply buy everything you need to plan your dream wedding from Confetti, they are encouraging you to try to style your wedding yourself. This magazine actively promotes using simple products and creative ideas to design your own individual wedding style, which I think is great.

♥ If you lack creative flair then this magazine does the hard work for you - it shows you how to recreate their wedding styles through their impressive photos and easy to follow narrative in the magazine.

♥ The magazine is easy to read and has a comprehensive products list at the back so that the items featured in every section can be easily tracked down by you.

The topics covered within the magazine are:

Planning - This includes a great wedding budget planner which tells you the average amount spent by British brides on each area of their wedding budget (e.g. £970 is the average amount spent by brides on their wedding dress). This section also covers guidelines for choosing a venue (with listings of some popular venue choices in the UK) and transportation ideas.

Wedding style and table decorations - This was my favourite section of the magazine - it gives suggestions for colour themes and design ideas. The colourful photos in this section really help you to see how the looks for the rooms and tables are put together and how to find your own wedding style.

Amazing table decorations are what Confetti are best known for and in this section of the magazine you can see all of the most popular wedding trimmings attractively presented on different table layouts. Confetti have laid out photographs and narrative giving hints and tips on how to co-ordinate everything on the tables at your wedding reception, including the china, linen (the variety of napkin styles to match different colour schemes is amazing!), glassware and table decor. I particularly love the "Think Pink" wedding style they have created in the magazine, which is very pretty and eye-catching with pink gerberas, feathers and tea lights decorating the table - simple yet stunning.

The magazine also has some ideas for unconventional table centerpieces. I love the idea of a glass bowl lined with feathers in your chosen colour scheme and filled with chocolates or a bowl with real goldfish in it! The article on how to decorate a children’s table at your wedding is very colourful! There are a great variety of finishing touches illustrated in the magazine which could make all the difference to your wedding style, such as acorns with little cards attached (perfect for an autumnal wedding). Most of the ideas are based around items available within the Confetti online store but some, such as the acorn idea, can be recreated independently.

Favours - Of course no wedding magazine would be complete without some ideas for unique wedding favours. There are ideas for edible favours, favours to match every colour scheme and details of Confetti's top selling favours. I personally thought that the idea of a candy bar from which the wedding guests could help themselves throughout the reception looks like great fun and very unique!

Stationery and Create Your Own - I think this section would be really helpful for couples wanting to create their own wedding stationery. Here Confetti provide you with invaluable advice on how to make your own invitations, orders of service and table planners. There are helpful photos alongside each step-by-step set of instructions which make it look very easy to do, as well as creative tips and ideas on how to make your stationery stand out from the rest.

This section of the magazine also features stunning bouquets and unique ideas for creating your own floral displays at your wedding. A top floral designer gives his tips for selecting wedding flowers. Again the photos are fantastic quality and show the flowers in all of their stunning glory - I imagine a lot of brides will be ripping the pages out of the magazine and asking their florist to recreate the arrangements for them!

Photography - Confetti provide you with an invaluable photography checklist which includes the all-important questions to ask your photographer and also 3 professional wedding photographers answer the most frequently asked questions. Additionally in this section of the magazine, Confetti give you ideas on how to make everlasting keepsakes of your wedding day.

Real life weddings - This was my second favourite section of the magazine as it reports on 11 couples’ real life wedding days, allowing you a sneaky peek into their wedding styles and discovering the inspiration behind their choices of reception themes. There are lots of variations of wedding styles between the 11 weddings and the photos look like they are straight out of a Confetti catalogue! They all have beautiful table arrangements, floral displays and some innovative ideas which you could recreate for your own wedding day. One couple named each table at their wedding reception after a place in New York (e.g. Trump Tower, Central Park etc) because that is where they got engaged – what a great idea!

Food and drink - This section features advice on how to choose the ultimate wedding menu and drink within your budget. There are delicious ideas, details of different options for the wedding breakfast and also a helpful checklist of questions for your wedding caterer.

Wedding cake - 3 top cake makers offer their expert opinions in this section and give advice on choosing your wedding cake. As with all of Confetti's articles, they offer you ideas to encourage you to go down the DIY route when it comes to your wedding cake. Here Confetti shows you how to create and decorate your own wedding cake. There is a stunning lilac and butterfly themed cake, which I thought was a simple yet beautiful DIY wedding cake option.

Entertainment - Aunt Betti, Confetti’s resident wedding expert, gives some top tips for making wedding speeches, as well as suggestions for daytime, evening and alternative types of wedding entertainment. This section also has a fascinating list of the top ten first dance songs chosen by couples.

Presents - There is a brief section on how to make a wedding gift list, tips for what it is acceptable to ask for as a wedding gift and which are the most fashionable and traditional gifts couples ask for. There are also ideas for personalized gifts for your wedding party.

Travel - If you are planning a destination wedding then this section of the magazine would be particularly helpful to you, as it contains advice on how to organize an overseas reception, including details of a real life Mediterranean wedding. There are also some top tips for planning the ultimate wedding and honeymoon.

Confetti describe this publication as "simply a must have for the modern bride to be" and I agree with them. Confetti Receptions is available to buy online or in-store. I totally recommend it and I will be eagerly anticipating the next issue!

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