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78 Wedding Tips To Save You Time, Money And Stress!
Date: September 28, 2006 • Author: Elle • Filed Under: Budgeting & Planning & Site News & Unique Ideas

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Hi Elle!!

Although we've pushed back our wedding till next year due to family tragedy i want to say thank you for all of your helpful tips. You've given me more insight into having the wedding of my dreams than any wedding planning book i've read and trust me i've read plenty. My cousin is also planning her wedding for this september and i have been forwarding her all of the info i've received from you and it has helped her greatly.

Thanks for all your help,

Valentine Louis
Brooklyn, NY

Posted by: Valentine Louis at April 21, 2007 09:19 PM

If I want a wedding with around a min of 100 guests, how many people should I invite knowing that there will be some folks that wouldnt make it?

Posted by: Jessica at June 13, 2008 04:08 PM
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Who Else Wants To Save A Fortune On Their Engagement And Wedding Rings With My New Free 31 Page Report?

I'm going to send you a Free 31 page PDF Report on how to save a fortune on your engagement and wedding rings and 78 "must read" wedding tips!

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