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A diamond engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of ever lasting love, devotion and commitment between two people. According to 70% of brides receive a diamond engagement ring. As we have now entered prime proposal season I thought I would let you know about a fantastic online diamond retailer who create stunning engagement rings. create handcrafted stunning diamond engagement rings. Led by fifth-generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin, the team of highly skilled craftsmen at Whiteflash use the finest quality materials and together with their traditional manufacturing techniques they manage to design and create exquisitely unique diamond engagement rings. At your fingertips Whiteflash provide you with one of the vastest selections of diamonds I have ever seen on the internet including their exclusive 'A Cut Above' Hearts & Arrows Diamonds.

”The reward for consistent and masterful use of traditional hand tools throughout the creation process gives a clean, distinctive look and feel. This is the secret that sets us apart. That is why the appeal of each piece is unrivaled.”

Whiteflash’s website itself is very easy to navigate. It has 3 main categories to choose from, Diamonds, Diamond Jewelry and Custom Design. For the uneducated diamond lovers amongst us, the jewelry search dropdown menu on the homepage is a really quick and easy way of navigating around the website.

Unless you or your fiancé are diamond experts choosing an engagement ring can be confusing. Whilst most couples know how to choose between a solitaire diamond or a cluster of stones, when it comes to deciding on the cut, clarity and color of the diamond confusion will inevitably arise. Choosing an engagement ring need not be intimidating when you use’s easy to follow guide. They give you helpful advice and help you to understand the process. Whiteflash explain to you the 4 Cs which are the characteristics which determine the value, rarity and beauty of a diamond - Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. Unlike some online diamond retailers Whiteflash break the terminology down into easy to understand narrative. By the end of reading Whiteflash’s guide you should be well educated enough about diamonds to be able to make an informed decision about your choice of diamond engagement ring. Not only does the Whiteflash website contain easy to understand narrative but it also has explanatory video clips which you are free to watch - I think that these could be really helpful to novice diamond ring buyers.

Buying an engagement ring is a significant purchase and at they seem to respect that and provide you with a range of exquisite diamond rings to suit all budgets. You do not have to spend a fortune to get an elegant engagement ring. Whiteflash have many pricing and style options for you to choose from.

“An engagement ring from is the perfect symbol of pure and eternal love.”

When it comes to designing your own engagement ring on the Whiteflash website they take you through the process step by step allowing you to design every aspect of your own ring. You are encouraged to browse the many beautiful images and pictures of the beautiful diamonds and available settings before you make your final decision. I like the fact that when you hover above the picture it gives you a brief description about each diamond. In addition every Whiteflash diamond can ve viewed at 40 times its actual size, accompanied with detailed reports and further information. In fact there is more information on every diamond on the Whiteflash website than any local jeweller will be able to provide you with. The diagrams of the rings are very easy to understand and teach you the difference between the different shapes of diamonds and settings. It certainly taught me a few things - I did not know what the difference between a 4 prong or half bezel was until I looked at Whiteflash’s website!

When you click through from the engagement ring design page it brings up a table with the prices of each diamond suitable for your choice of stone, setting etc. One of the things I liked was the fact that you can tick the boxes alongside each diamond you like and it compares them for you. It compares all the aspects of each diamond including measurements, clarity, cost and symmetry.

The custom design section of Whiteflash’s website allows you to design your own engagement ring from scratch. You need to provide Whiteflash with a detailed description and pictures and/or a sketch of the ring you require. Whiteflash will give you the benefit of their expertise and guide you along the way explaining possible options and ideas. Once the design has been decided they will then e-mail an order confirmation to you with an exact price for creating your unique engagement ring. So that you can approve the ring before they create it, they will produce a wax model of the ring and several pictures of it will be e-mailed to you.

Diamond engagement rings are not the only string to Whiteflash’s bow. They also create other fine diamond jewelry including elegant designer wedding bands, right hand rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

The Whiteflash item I am coveting is the stunning diamond and sapphire bangle bracelets. The dazzling bracelets are crafted in white gold and set with a combination of premium ‘A Cut Above’ brand diamonds and baby pink sapphires. I’m in good company as Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 20th birthday wearing hers! There are other beautiful bracelets available at prices start from $595 with a choice of amethyst, yellow sapphires pink sapphires or blue sapphires.

Whiteflash provide uncompromisingly great quality diamond engagement rings. I recommend that you have a browse on their website to feast your eyes on the beautiful diamonds they have on offer, to educate yourself about diamonds in general and to see what kind of engagement ring matches your style and your budget.

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