- The Wedding List That Doesn't Cost The Earth

Here is a new wedding list site with a difference - - one that doesn't cost the earth!

This site encourages couples to have a greener wedding list and an environmentally friendly wedding day. So certainly not the list for those adamant they want a mahogany coffee table or patio heater!

To quote the site:

"Our Green Wedding List offers you environmentally considerate goods at comparable prices as an alternative to mass produced and environmentally damaging products. Some items (subscriptions to organic veggie box schemes) even enable you to start the first months of your married lives with an environmental outlook."

The products are sourced from UK based suppliers so as airmiles are reduced. Although Fair Trade goods are imported from beyond the UK. Products fall into a number of categories, namely Recycled, Craft/Artisan, Organic
Environmental benefit, Energy efficient, Made in the UK in an environmentally responsible way and Fair trade. In essence you will find the same type of products you would find on a traditional wedding list, but greener!

The site was set up this year after the founder Holly Long at Wedding List Giving Ltd had conversations with friends about green products 'not being as nice as conventional factory goods' and wanted to ask only for a few ethical gifts for her own wedding. Holly's dream of making 'green/ethical' goods more accessible is certainly NOW a reality. really does encourage people to think about having a green wedding list.

Holly Long can be contacted on 01273 476015 or here

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