Launch Their New Site - Wedding Planning Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

As regular readers to will be well aware, I’m a real fan of This is largely because as an online and offline resource it plays a significant part in the planning of most weddings in the UK. It didn't surprise me recently to find out that over 90% of UK brides use Confetti at some point in their wedding planning – whether to browse for information, research suppliers, to buy products or to gain support and advice in the café channels (which have a strong community feel!). Some of my most recent Confetti related blogs are listed below in the “Further Reading” section below.

Well the HOT news off the press is that Confetti have just launched their new web site with clearer sections, new products and an improved layout!

It is the first time in Confetti’s seven year history that they have made major changes to the site. Confetti acknowledge the growing trend the internet plays in every aspect of people’s lives and wanted to reflect this in their new site.

I certainly found it much easier to browse than the old site, finding information in half the time. The new landscape format and top horizontal navigation bar make for a more enjoyable online experience .

Confetti certainly hope you like their new site and in fact ask you to send an email with your feedback or problems.

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