Wedding Shop Review - Christine Daniels in Bracknell, Berkshire

I recently received this wedding shop review from a bride called Nicola. She reviews a shop called Christine Daniels in Berkshire.

Christine Daniels - 1st Floor Princess Square, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1LS Tel 01344 425090

"Hello - I visited a bridal shop in Bracknell called Christine Daniels after the owner. Christine was absolutely brilliant and she takes bookings so that you have the whole place to yourself.

My bridesmaid and I were there for over two hours and tried on many many dresses, all of which were beautiful. I really struggled getting only three favourites on my list of dresses to think about when I left!!

Christine's was very professional and not pushy at all, in fact helpfully suggested coming back after having 'slept' on my decisions.

She also has a great selection of dresses in various sizes - something which is great if you are a bit curvier as many other shops I had been in only caterer for the slim girls when having things available to try on.

I would definately recommend the shop. - Nicola"

All reviewer details are available upon request.

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