How To Choose the Best Diamond Setting For Your Wedding Ring

When you select a setting for your diamond, you are choosing the stage that will allow your stone to shine. How can you choose the very best stage possible for your diamond to dance upon?

First, pick your star. Choose your diamond before you choose your setting. By looking at loose diamonds, you will be able to focus on the attributes of the stone itself.

Second, resist the urge to fall in love with the setting you saw in a magazine or jewelry store window. Keep an open mind and actually try a variety of settings on. You will be surprised at how different a diamond setting actually looks when you place it on your finger. You may also find that some settings enhance the diamond you have selected more than others.

Try on several settings before you decide which one is the right one. If you are buying a diamond online, go to a jewelry store and try on diamond settings like those you're considering.

Third, choose the type of metal you want for your diamond setting. Diamond settings come in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Platinum is the most expensive option. More than 70 percent of diamond engagement rings are set in yellow gold, but you don't have to follow the crowd. Choose the metal that looks best with your skin tone, your diamond and your style.

Fourth, choose the style of diamond setting you prefer. You will have a nearly endless number of choices. You can opt for a solitaire setting where your diamond will stand alone in the spotlight, or a three-stone setting where diamonds or other gems will play a supporting role. Remember that the setting should enhance the diamond and allow the most light to play off the stone.

Do you want your diamond setting to have an ornate or a plain band? You can select bands that are covered with small diamonds or carved with intricate filigree patterns. The choice is yours.

Remember you get to set the stage!

Posted by Emily on September 5, 2006 06:41 PM to