Liz Hurley To Change Wedding Outfit 13 Times!

For most brides picking out one wedding dress is a difficult task. With so many styles and colors of wedding gowns on offer, it makes choosing one probably the most difficult decision you have to make when planning your wedding. It surprises me therefore that Elizabeth Hurley is planning 13 different wedding outfits for her upcoming nuptials!

According to Grazia Magazine actress, model and fashion-designer Liz has ended months of speculation by revealing that she and her fiancé, businessman Arun Nayar, are due to get married “very soon”. The couple, who have been together since January 2003, are planning two wedding ceremonies. The first will be an intimate wedding at Liz’s hometown in Gloucestershire and the other will be a 3 day wedding event in Arun’s native India.

Liz is to select 3 outfits for her English countryside wedding, one for the morning, one for the wedding ceremony and the third for the wedding party. For the Indian ceremony she is rumored to be considering 10 changes of outfits during the 3 day wedding party. Earlier this year Liz was reported to be unable to make a decision as to which of her designer friends she should ask to make her wedding dress. Grazia reports that she has now chosen her friend, Donatella Versace, to design several gowns for her English country wedding. Liz has not yet revealed what style of wedding dress she favors but she has commented that she thinks her age precludes her from wearing a Cinderella-style dress.

“She won’t be wearing a full on wedding dress because she is worried it’s not appropriate for someone her age, but the idea is to have different outfits for the morning, for the ceremony and the party,” a source told Grazia magazine.

Liz also plans to wear traditional Indian dresses for the second wedding ceremony. She told the Daily Mirror,

“I love the pomp and color associated with Indian weddings”.

At least Liz will not have to worry about how she will budget for her many wedding outfits - the couple have negotiated a $3.76 million deal with a magazine to photograph their nuptials!

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