Kelly Rowland's Wedding Faux Pas

Calling off your wedding must be one of the most difficult things you might do in life. It is inevitably a highly emotional time when you probably feel a combination of huge relief mixed with horrible guilt and some regret. Imagine then how Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland must have felt last year when she called off her wedding only to appear days later on the cover of one of America's widest circulating wedding magazines in a wedding dress - how embarrassing!

Kelly was planning her wedding to Dallas Cowboys American football player Roy Williams last year when they decided to call off the impending nuptials because they both felt they were too young and not ready for marriage. This would have been fine but for the fact that Kelly was the cover girl in the April/May 2005 issue of American magazine Modern Bride and it was due to be released just days later!

According to The Sun Newspaper Kelly explains: "Our timing couldn't have been worse. That issue of Modern Bride had just come out. I was so embarrassed. For weeks I would walk past the newsstand at the speed of light, my hat pulled down." In the wedding magazine article Kelly talked about her wedding plans. She discussed how her Aunt Tina (Beyonce's mother) was designing her bespoke wedding gown and how she planned for all of the guests to participate in the wedding ceremony by placing flowers in a circle for her and Roy to stand inside while they were married. What a difficult time it must have been for her anyway without her abandoned wedding plans becoming public knowledge - I do feel sorry for her. Perhaps next time she will think twice about discussing her wedding plans and modelling a wedding dress for a magazine photo shoot!

Posted by Emily on July 12, 2006 11:25 AM to