Could This Be The World's Heaviest Wedding Dress?

The last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is to spend it counting the minutes until she can take her uncomfortable wedding dress off! When choosing your wedding dress it is of the utmost importance that, as well as choosing a stunning dress which makes you look and feel beautiful, you have to choose a dress you can move freely in which is comfortable for you to wear - after all you are likely to spend all day in that dress. I was reading an article today which made me realise that some brides really do put aesthetics over practicality when it comes to choosing their wedding dress.

Teenager Carly O'Brien considered her own comfort to be a low priority when she chose the wedding dress for her recent marriage to landscape gardener sweetheart Michael Coffey, 17, at St Peter's Catholic Church in Gloucester. Not only was her wedding dress made up of 30 layers of material (including an 18m train), metal hoops and 3,000 Swarovski crystals but this resulted in her dress weighing a breathtaking 159kg - it could earn the title of being the world's heaviest wedding dress! The voluminous dress is believed to have cost Carly's father approximately £25,000.

Carly, 16, took inspiration for her dress design from her role model Jordan and the dress she wore for her wedding last year to Peter Andre. Carly even went as far as arriving at the church in the same horse-drawn glass carriage that Jordan used.

It took family and friends 9 hours to help Carly into the dress and the tiny-framed bride (she has a size 4 figure!) then had to be pushed up the aisle by 10 guests as her dress was so heavy that she could not walk in it. She was also unable to stand up or walk during the reception so she spent the remainder of her wedding day sitting down!

Carly's wedding guests allegedly commented that she looked more beautuful in her wedding dress than Jordan, so I guess for this bride that was the most important thing!

Posted by Emily on June 24, 2006 08:18 PM to