Choose Your Wedding Dress Style

Perhaps you have always dreamt of what style of wedding dress you want to wear on your big day, but most bride-to-be's find that the style of dress they think will be perfect for them does not actually suit their body type or complexion.

Have a bit of fun and try Discovery Home & Health's interactive wedding dress selector. It will give you an initial idea of what style dress will suit your body shape.

First you need to choose the body shape that is closest to your own.

The choices are: Thin, Thick, Plump, Pear or Hourglass

Naturally I chose "Hourglass" (in my dreams!)

Then you have to click on the dress style you think best suits you best. I chose the middle one of the five.

On making your decision you get either "That's Right" or "Are You Sure About That?"

Either way you get a full explanation for the decision, for example:

Curvaceous womean with small waists can get away with most styles and will look fabulous in fitted dresses that show off thieir cruves. If you are petite and want to look taller you should consider a short dress. If you prefer the more traditional look opt for a dress with an uninterrupted line. Dropped waist styles will emphasis your curves and make your waist look tiny. Avoid dresses that cut you in half such as those that have tightly fitting bodices and very full skirts. Wear the highest heels you are comfotable with and avoid too many fussy frill and flounces which will swap you.

Here is an example of where I deliberately chose a nightmare wedding dress!

I loved playing around with the different body shapes and dress styles. Fortunately everytime you get a "Are You Sure About That?" you are also given the "Suggested Dress Style" and the reasons why!

Posted by Emily on June 3, 2006 07:06 PM to