Katie Holmes Shapes Up To Be A "Buff Bride" For Her Wedding To Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes has been seeking help on how to get rid of her post-baby bulge before her wedding to Tom Cruise. As well as receiving tips from her celebrity friend Victoria Beckham on how to regain her figure after giving birth, new mum Katie has also sought out help from a company called Buff Brides.

Buff Brides run training programmes to help brides-to-be get in shape for their big day. The original concept comes from the book "Buff Brides" written by Sue Fleming. Sue Fleming says that,

“Brides-to-be are the most committed clients I’ve ever had. They’re motivated, they’re focused, they’re ready. In this society, we’ve been brought up to believe that the most important occasion of a woman’s life is her wedding. On that day, all eyes are on the bride.”

Its not just Katie Holmes who is anxious about her pre-wedding figure. Many brides-to-be are worried about looking their best on their wedding day and also want to be in great shape for their honeymoon. Buff Brides provides them with wedding workout guides in the run up to their big day through a 24 week fitness program or a 12 week crash course training program. Last year the Discovery Network made a reality show based on the "Buff Brides" book and fitness program. Television cameras charted the progress of several brides-to-be as they transformed their wobbly bits in anticipation of their wedding day!

If you, like Katie, need some extra tips on shaping up before your wedding then have a look at

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