Six Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Videographer!

When you plan a wedding there are so many questions .. the ones you have to ask yourself and also the ones you have to ask each of your suppliers. Take for example your wedding videographer - where do you begin? Well to help you on this front I have listed six key questions you should be asking.

1. How many cameras and microphones will you be using and when will you arrive to set up?

They should be very clear on this and explain exactly why they will use each piece of equipment and what their expectations are. Professionals will usually ask to see the site in advance once a contract is signed so that they can make sure they have adequate coverage.

Ask about how they will manage the time for breaking down and setting up between the wedding ceremony and the reception. This can be tricky, but if they are experienced wedding video professionals they will have this down to a science. Don't let them dismiss your concerns with "Don't worry, we'll have it under control." This is unprofessional and may indicate that they tend to fly by the seat of their pants - something you don't want on your wedding day.

2. Who will do the editing and how much experience do they have?

Editing is as crucial to the quality of a professional wedding video as the filming itself. In fact, if plenty of footage has been shot, the editing can be more important, so be sure you find out if the person doing the editing of the tape is a professional and how long they have actually been doing this kind of work, what their educational background is and credentials they have. Preferably, the person editing will be the same person filling your wedding so that they are familiar with the people at your event and know you personally. Editing "blind" isn't a good thing.

3. Do you guarantee Sound Quality and Light Quality?

Many brides have received a beautifully edited wedding video but been disappointed because they couldn't hear the actual vows being exchanged or found that the reception hall shots were so dark you could barely see the guests. What happened? Most likely the videographer was inexperienced and he simply didn't compensate properly for low indoor lighting (in the case of the reception hall) or he didn't have things properly miked (in the case of the wedding vows).

Be sure to make it clear that you expect the sound and light quality to be guaranteed for the entire project. If they balk at this, move on to another wedding video specialist.

4. Do they incorporate Special Effects?

Ask about special effects that can be incorporated into your wedding video. What ones do they do and how long have they been doing them? Ask to see sample videos that incorporate special effects they have done.

5. How long will it take to get a final copy of my wedding video back?

This is an essential question. Some videographers will take endless streams of film of your wedding day, then not bother to do anything with it for weeks or even months. No newlywed couple wants to wait until they are planning their first anniversary to see their wedding video for the first time. Insist on a concrete time frame, not an approximation, and ask that the date be put in the contract if you decide that this is the videographer you decide to use.

6. Will you customize your contract?

This can be a tricky question to ask, but it is essential that you are protected since most videographers these days charged around $2,000 for a wedding and reception, if not more. If the videographer comes back with the "standard contract" observation (and most of them are standard, printed contracts), suggest that you will simply type up an addendum that can be attached to the contract and signed by both parties. This is simple and will protect both parties.

In the US I would recommend you start your online research at The Wedding and Event Videographers Association International (WEVA). To quote them:

Based throughout the US and around the globe, WEVA International members are dedicated video producers who specialize in the art of documenting and preserving important social and corporate events and presentations.

You can find a member in your area by filling in this form.

In the UK I would recommend visiting some of the sites listed on, there are over 50 to keep you busy!

Hopefully with thorough research you will chose the right videographer, and you'll realize when you get the wedding video that you made a sound investment as you relieve your wedding day again and again.

Posted by Emily on May 27, 2006 02:30 PM to