Tyra's Celebrity Wedding Tips

To find out how you can get married celebrity style on a budget tune in to the Tyra Banks Show this Tuesday 16th May. Tyra shows you how to have "Weddings for Less".

The show investigates why Americans spend $72 billion a year on weddings and Tyra gives you ideas on how to cut your wedding costs.

If you too have cut out a picture of Pink's wedding dress and have been trying to find a match for a budget price then tune in as Tyra will be showcasing Pink's wedding gown, alongside other celebrities' bridal gowns, at a fraction of the original designer prices.

Witness to what lengths a prospective bride will go to win $15,000 in Tyra's bridal giveaway. Plus Tyra surprises one financially challenged couple with the fantasy Vegas wedding of their dreams!

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Perhaps Tyra will be taking note herself of some of the wedding suppliers details as things get more serious between her and boyfriend Tyler Perry. The cute couple have been dating for a couple of months and Tyra has been overheard mentioning that when she and Tyler have a child they will have to call it Ty-Ty! It sounds like wedding bells may not be far off for the 32 year old ex-model and host of "America's Next Top Model"!

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