Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston's $8Million Wedding Revelations!

As soon as Vince Vaughn agreed to appear on the Oprah show he must have known it was going to be difficult to stay quiet about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. We all know Oprah has a way of getting information from celebrities that they rather people didn't know!

With his guard down Vaughn openly admitted that he loves to spend time with the former Friends star and that being with her was so easy. In fact he went on to say that before they have children they need to have the $8 million wedding first, check him out saying it here.

"No, I have not talked about having kids with Jennifer. First we have to have the $8 million wedding."

The couple got it together while filming "The Break-Up". You can view a trailer of the film here, basically it's about a couple, Brooke and Gary, that despite agreeing to part find that neither actually wants to leave the condo they share together in Chicago. In fact they resort to mind tricks to try and force the other out, until it dawns on them that all this effort may be because they want the relationship to last. The official movie site states that it's out on June 2nd in the US.

Posted by Emily on May 14, 2006 03:10 PM to