Kelly Brooks and Billy Zane's Get Set For A Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Whilst filming the new steamy thriller Three, Kelly Brook and Titanic star Billy Zane fell for each other and have announced that they are planning a Greek Island wedding. Zane's mum is Greek and he lived there for four years, so although he has never been to a proper traditional Greek wedding, being able to speak fluent Greek will be a huge advantage in planning his own.

No wedding date has been set but Brook 26, said

"We haven't set a date yet but when we do we'll let everyone know."

Wedding guests include ex-lover Jason Statham, as Kelly says they are still best pals. Though maybe we should take this with a pitch of salt as Jason was gutted when she left him for Zane. In fact Jason was rumoured to say he would "blow his legs off".

For those interested in seeing the film - the story goes that businessman Jack Matson and his sexy wife Jennifer end up morooned on a desert island with boat-hand Manuel played by Juan Pablo Di Pace. You guessed it - in this low budget movie Jennifer and Manual end up getting much too close to the annoyance of Jack! I The movie's tagline is "Three arrive. Only two survive". Check out these stills from the movie here.

Brook, who spends most of her time in a little bikini, admitted it might have been love at first sight but matters of the heart had to be put on the back burner whilst she concentrated on making the movie.

In a nutshell she said:

"Any romance or hanky-panky had to wait until after the movie. It's very much like athletes - you save it for after."

The film opens nationwide in the UK on the May 5th following the premiere yesterday in London's Leicester Square. It will go straight to DVD in the US. Brooks was reported to have wowed fans with a tight fitting teal coloured dress, whilst Zane says he knows he is a very lucky man!

Finally back in December the happy couple commented that a honeymoon destination might be Scotland - one I can definitely recommend!

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