Fancy Bungee Jumping 440 Feet For Your Stag Party?

Is your future husband looking for great ideas for his stag?

If so, why not get him to participate in a spot of bungee jumping and stock car racing!

This is exactly what Steve Williams, long term caddy to Tiger Woods, did prior to his wedding to Kirsty Millar.

Best man Tiger joined Steve on the Nevis Highwire near the South Island township of Queenstown for the 440 feet jump. They both jumped from a cable car held by 1,247 feet of tension wires spanning the Nevis Valley - eight seconds later they were faced with just a 100 feet gap between the canyon's walls. No wonder this is regarded as one of the world's most incredible challenges for all adventure tourists!

The following day saw Steve and Tiger take part in a 12 lap celebrity stock car race just south of Auckland on the North Island. This was a new experience for Tiger , but not so Steve who when not caddying is a New Zealand champion in modified saloon cars. One can only imagine the small print in their respective insurance policies, when asked about it Tiger stated it had been "taken care of".

Money was raised during the day for the Steve Williams Foundation, to help provide sporting careers for disadvantaged youth.

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Posted by Emily on April 29, 2006 12:14 PM to