Confetti The Movie Opens on Friday 5th May in the UK

Not Everyone Wants Their Special Day Ruined By A Gimmick - But Some People Do!"

To quote Jimmy Car, who plays Antoni the owner of Confetti Magazine.

The 5th of May sees the release of a new comedy "wedding" film in the UK called "Confetti". Directed by Debbie Isitt you can check out the trailer right here - even download it to your iPod.

I popped over to IMDB to see if anyone had had a chance to see it and luckily there have been some great reviews from people who went to the test screeningd. You can also check out further reviews at TimeOut.

To quote one of the reviews:

I saw this film at a preview screening on 25 April 2006. This is an awesomely funny film that can only be described as British. My immediate reaction was that this film is funnier than "four weddings..." even though they are poles apart in their feel.

In a nutshell the film follows Confetti magazine as they run a competition for the most wacky wedding, with the prize for the lucky couple being a house. The three finalists are the musical wedding (Matt & Sam) , the tennis wedding (Josef & Isabelle) and the naturist wedding (Michael & Joanna) - all competing for `Most Original Wedding of the Year'.

It seems the film is shot in a similar way to "The Office", very much the look and feel of a fly on the wall documentary (or should I say 'mockumentary' as seems to be the right buzz word for it!) , with brilliant improvised acting from many great British actors - in fact Martin Freeman plays Matt in the film.

To learn a little more about what it is like to be on set of an improvised film take a read of Martin Freeman's brother Jamie describing his own experience:

"For me this mostly involved chatting (in character) to whichever actors happened to be around....Not a single word of dialogue has been written; it was all made up in the heat of the moment."

The cast also includes:

Jessica Stevenson (Shaun Of The Dead, Spaced, The Royle Family)
Stephen Mangan (Green Wing)
Felicity Montagu (I'm Alan Partridge)
Rob Webb (Peep Show)
Olivia Colman (Peep Show, Bruiser)
Meredith MacNeill (Man Stroke Woman)
Alison Steadman (Topsy-Turvy, Life Is Sweet)

I can't wait to see it!

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