Discover The Good and Bad Reasons For Getting Married!

It may seem silly as you plough head first into the major task of planning your wedding - but I would like to bring to your attention 7 questions you need to ask yourself before getting married.

Relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall has put together 7 questions on the BBC web site.

The first question is pretty straight forward

1. Do we love, trust and respect each other?

I'll let you head over to the BBC web site to check out the other 6!

In fact Paula has also written a page on good and bad reasons for getting married. Amongst the good reasons I like are:

To make a commitment. You've decided that you want to be together forever, knowing each other's faults and failings

It's definitely worthing reading the other 5 good reasons for marrying.

One bad reason for marrying is:

You want a big wedding. The big white wedding may seem like a fairy tale come true, but it only lasts a day. Marriage is (supposed to be) for life.

..pretty obvious, but some people do!

Posted by Emily on April 23, 2006 06:41 PM to