British Couple Wed in Lighthouse

Shane and Anne How from Kent have become the first couple in Britain to get married in an old lighthouse. The wedding took place at Dungeness Old Lighthouse, a 102-year-old listed structure which was decommissioned as an active lighthouse in 1960.

The newlyweds admitted their choice of venue was quite unusual. They had considered marrying in Ashford Registry Office but decided they wanted something a bit different for their special day. The lighthouse had only recently been approved as a wedding venue. Mrs How had visited the lighthouse many times as a child so it seemed a perfect idea to get married there.

The lighthouse was decorated for their wedding ceremony which was attended by 30 guests. Regulations allow that weddings at the lighthouse can take place on any floor but the dimensions of the lighthouse allow space for just 10 people at the gallery level and the other guests have to make do with a place on the stairs leading up to the ceremony.

The lighthouse can be seen from the back of the newlyweds' house so they will always be reminded of their unique wedding day.

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