Elizabeth Hurley's Wedding Dress Dilemma - Gown or Kaftan?

It seems Elizabeth Hurley is having trouble finding the right wedding dress! Sound familiar?

She is currently dating Indian business tycoon Arun Nayer and hasn't ruled out wearing a kaftan.

"I might just get married in an Elizabeth Hurley beach kaftan. Jewelled, of course. Hand-beaded in India."

Liz fears that with so many friends in the fashion business it would be a nightmare to try and find something that meets with their approval. I think she is missing the point, surely she should be looking for a wedding dress that makes her happy!

She reckons the easy way out is to make it herself or buy it from Debenhams.

Oh well I'm sure Liz will cope, but isn't funny to see that everyone gets stressed out about their wedding, even when they aren't engaged.

Liz, if you're reading - I recommend you take a read of my article on coping with wedding stress

Posted by Emily on January 20, 2006 03:33 PM to