Hallowe'en Wedding Dressed In Black

I guess it takes all sorts, and I shouldn't be surprised when I learnt about Diana Brady and Lee Stulock's Hallowe'en wedding.

Their ceremony took place at Calderdale District Register with their reception at the Stubbing Wharf pub in Hebden Bridge afterwards.

All guests were asked to dress in Black and Red.

Diana said: "Lee and I are really into this kind of thing so nobody was really surprised when we told them we were having a Hallowe'en wedding."

It seems there were probably quite a few Hallowe'en weddings around the world.

Take a look at what Sheila Tenhagen and Wayne Dunn of Latonia had planned for their big day. This was the bride's fourth wedding and dressing up as Morticia of the 1960s television show "The Addams Family" was all part of the fun!

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